Educating in the present to face the future

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Pre-enrollment 2021-2022

A trilingual project since 1978

Commitment and continuity

The students are the main protagonist and reason of being of the institution. We learn in a climate of coexistence and respect, keys of an integral development as people.

Educational excellence

Our long experience and ability to adapt to new educational challenges  support the basis of the quality of our teaching.

Proximity and trust

We accompany your children in all stages of growth, establishing a good solid emotional base so that our students can face future challenges.

Tutorial action

Our educational system focuses on the daily monitoring of the student, using the management of the tutors and the experience of the teaching staff.

Our school

A privileged space in the upper area of ​​Barcelona, ​​with more than 11,000 square meters

Our day to day

26 March, 2021

Land Art

Los alumnos de 3ro, a lo largo del proyecto de este trimestre, nos hemos dado cuenta de que el arte se encuentra en todo aquello que nos rodea: esculturas, tecnología,…
25 March, 2021

Easter Bunny

Our Preschoolers have been learning the Easter vocabulary by participating in many different activities as follows: Games, songs, crafts, puppet shows, stories among others. The most exciting one though, has…
23 March, 2021

Math day

Los niños y las niñas de Educación Infantil hemos celebrado el “Día de las matemáticas” con diversas actividades lúdicas y divertidas. P3 ha disfrutado manipulando y jugando con los talleres…
22 March, 2021

Math day on 2nd EP

Hoy hemos celebrado el “Día de las matemáticas”. A lo largo del día hemos estando haciendo diversas actividades relacionadas. Desde sudokus entre todos, hasta la elaboración de un Dominó gigante…
22 March, 2021

We started the project

"Ya nos hemos puesto manos a la obra con el proyecto del segundo trimestre... ¡Y estamos super motivados! Hemos empezado a investigar sobre qué consideramos arte de todo lo que…
14 March, 2021

L’hort a 1r EP

Aquest dimarts els nens i nenes de Primer hem anat d'excursió a Can Ribas a conèixer l'hort de més a prop! Allà hem pogut observar les diferents verdures que estaven…


12 July, 2019

Colegio Sil 2019

6 November, 2019


If you are not , 4Primary will show you how to make scary food and decorations. Here are some of our videos. They show you how to cook yummy food…
29 July, 2019

Bienvenidos a la E.S.O.

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