SIL, Centro privado concertado por la Generalitat de Catalunya


The dissection

Last week we did a heart dissection of a pig in the lab .Dr Lázaro and some students of 3ESO were the monitors who helped us to do the dissection.  We learned about Vena Cava, valves, Atrium and Aorta, the body´s largest artery in our body. We used scalpels  to dissect the heart . Some … Continúa leyendo The dissection

Project about inventions

The students of 5th primary have been working on a project about inventions. They have been doing a lot of investigation and discovered some very interesting things. To conclude this week they have made one of the inventions, one which helps with our personal hygiene, soap. To make this they first liquidised some pure glycerine, … Continúa leyendo Project about inventions

Master Chef project

The 2nd graders have worked on the Master Chef project during the 2nd term. Where the recipe has been worked, its preparation and quantities, we have cooked all together and we have had a great time!

Quimet scientist have come to visit us again!

This week Quimet the scientist has come to visit us once again! First, he challenged us. We had to think, make hypothesis and comparisons. The P3 children worked on dissolutions. They mixed water with different elements and observed what happened in each case. The P4 pupils experimented with the “chromatography” and discovered the great variety … Continúa leyendo Quimet scientist have come to visit us again!

Project The Romans in 3rd

In third primary we are doing a project about The Romans, and paying special attention to their footwear and noticing that we dress similar to them today. It has been good fun to see the different togas and styles of other clothes they wore.  

Picasianas mask

Children of the 2n grade of primary school have made a  picasianes mask workshop with pelikan’s material.  

Teaching the Universe on P5

A few weeks ago the students of 5B primary started working on a project about the Universe and the different elements and phenomenon that exist. We asked why are there seasons, why is there night and day and if the position of Earth and its movement in space  is related. We decided to design and … Continúa leyendo Teaching the Universe on P5

Project 1st

In 1st Primary we have already started our second project. We are learning a lot about animals, we have taken photographs and information from books,magazines etc and comprised our own scrapbook, where we can keep everything. Every day our expertise grows.    


After 8 editions of the SIL Mathematics Contest, this school-year we have started version 2.0: participation via Twitter. It has been a success! 261 participants have competed to solve the proposed challenges. Congratulations to all the participants and thank you very much for making it posible!

Alumni visit

By Raquel Novel and Sofia Serrano Last February 23rd , our High School students received a very special visit: SIL School Alumni, university students now, came back to school to share their experiences on this new stage. They are studying different fields as ADE, engineering, languages, law, medicine, among others. What a better way to … Continúa leyendo Alumni visit

Cangur 2018

  Since 1996, the Mathematical Kangaroo test (also known as International Mathematical Kangaroo or Kangourou sans frontières), has been held in Catalonia. It is an international mathematical competition driven by the international association Le Kangourou sans Frontières and it is organized in over 70 countries around the world. Here, it is led by the Societat … Continúa leyendo Cangur 2018

Museum of Mathematics

The students of 5th primary went on an excursion to Cornella. We visited the Museum of Mathematics in Catalonia (MMACA). This museum is in the park of Can Mercader. We did two activities: In a place inside the museum we enjoyed ourselves doing maths with our hands, and although it doesn’t look like it you … Continúa leyendo Museum of Mathematics

Visit to Factory Cola Cao

On Tuesday the 6th February we went to the factory of Idilia Foods where we watched how “Cola Cao” was produced. We discovered what the ingredients were and watched the full manufacturing process, we were also shown all the types of  “Cola Cao” that there are. At the end, for our breaktime snack we tried … Continúa leyendo Visit to Factory Cola Cao


Last week Vanesa Almagro, Caterina (P5) and Antonio’s (P3) mum came to our School to do different science activities related on physics and her job. First of all they talked about Einstein, who he was, what he studied and what he discovered. They made a wave machine with Cello tape and wooden ice-lolly sticks. Throughout … Continúa leyendo A PHYSICS LESSON IN P5

Investigations in 2nd primary

In 2nd primary we are learning about ancient Egypt. Thanks to the investigations in our cooperative groups, authentic materials brought in by the students’ families, plus a visit to the Egyptian museum we have been able to learn and enjoy studying this mysterious civilisation. We have enjoyed explaining and sharing what we have learnt.  

Scientific magazine 5th

The final project for the 1st term for 5th primary has been centered around eagles and birds of prey. During the final days of the term the students were investigating and solving their curiosities on this theme. The result of all this work, from the organised groups in the project, is a scientific magazine focused … Continúa leyendo Scientific magazine 5th

Parlem de qualitat?

Last Decembres, Meritxell Balcells, the school headmistress, took part in the seminar about innovation and quality in education, Parlem de qualitat? organized by Fundación Henry Dunant. Mr. Jos.e Antonio Marina, philosopher, or Dr. Joan Mateo, Secretary of Educative Politics and  President of Consell Superior d’Avaluació del Sistema Educatiu del Departament d’Educació, among others, also participated … Continúa leyendo Parlem de qualitat?

Family-school “Storytyme”

Paulina Vargas, Max’s mum (from P4A) and writer, came to our school to tell the P4 children the story “Mila la sirena”. After that, they did a workshop related to the feelings and emotions that had already appeared in the story and children had to make a picture to express something that made them feel … Continúa leyendo Family-school “Storytyme”

Santa Cecilia

Last week the P3, P4 and P5 children celebrated “Santa Cecilia” enjoying different musical activities. -They felt the qualities of the sound through the corporal expression and musical auditions. -They improvised, imitated rythms and followed the beat of a musical audition, with different percussion instruments. -They worked on a musical audition and showed their feelings … Continúa leyendo Santa Cecilia

Visit the History Museum

Last Tuesday the children of 1st primary went on an excursion to The Museum of Catalan History to learn how transport has evolved throughout history. They discovered how prehistoric man and woman walked, how boats, trains and the car came in to being, and they watched a vintage film showing footage of the first tram … Continúa leyendo Visit the History Museum

Rocks and minerals

Last week taking advantage of the fact that we were studying rocks and minerals in the subject social studies, some of the students of 5th primary B brought various rocks and minerals which they had in their own houses to school. They showed them to their classmates and all of the students studied the rocks … Continúa leyendo Rocks and minerals

Excursion to the factory Cacaolat

On Tuesday the 21st November the students of 5th primary went on an excursion to the factory which makes “Cacaolet” (a chocolate milk drink) which is in Barcelona, the only one of its kind in Spain. In the establishment we were given a guided tour telling us the history of the place, about the process … Continúa leyendo Excursion to the factory Cacaolat


Last week Nacho Santos’s parents (P5-A) came to our school to do different activities related to their jobs. The P5 A and B children went to the Biology’s laboratory and Nacho’s mum taught us characteristics from different body human cells. We could also observe some cells with the microscope. Nacho’s dad, who is a doctor, … Continúa leyendo MICROWORLD

Smart City Expo Barcelona

Our school is one of the five ones chosen to take part in the first educative experience at Smart City Expo Barcelona! This contest includes the design of an intelligent square and its collaborative construction, conceptualizing a vertical super block Cerdà4.0 and the recording and post editing process of a cooperative documentary.  

Excursión to Capellades

The students of 4th primary went to the Capellades Mill to see how paper was made more than a thousand years ago. They also had the opportunity to make some paper themselves and become true artisans of the craft.

The scientist Quimet and his helpers

This week Quimet the scientist and his helpers have come to visit us! First, they challenged us. We had to think, make hypothesis, comparisons and find solutions. The P3 children worked on flotation and discovered that some objects float in the water and other sink depending on the material they are made of and its … Continúa leyendo The scientist Quimet and his helpers

Working on Vertebrate Animals in Science

In Grade 4 we’re working on Vertebrate Animals in Science. We choose animals for a project such as Sloths, Platypus,Polar Bears or Chameleons. Lots of interesting facts to learn in class!!  

2n Concurs frases fetes.

Les frases fetes, els refranys i les locucions són elements lingüístics que formen part de la llengua i que eren molt vius en els parlars dels nostres avis, però que avui en dia es van perdent entre el jovent. La nostra escola, amb l’objectiu de no deixar perdre aquesta riquesa lèxica que ens han deixat … Continúa leyendo 2n Concurs frases fetes.

Chestnut in Infantil and Primary

The children of infant and primary education have celebrated the festival of “Castañada”. Maria Castañera came to visit to give the children roasted chestnuts. In the afternoon the smaller children celebrated Halloween with their English teachers, reciting poetry, singing and dancing in their Halloween masks that they had made. The primary course had different activities … Continúa leyendo Chestnut in Infantil and Primary

1st Prize. – Fundación Geriatros – SARquavitae

Last year 2 ESO students have won the 1st Prize awarded by the SARquavitae Foundation: “The Geriatros Foundation Awards – SARquavitae awarded with the aim of recognizing the social commitment of individuals and institutions that contributes to better the quality of life of the elderly and Make the world a major place ” (  The … Continúa leyendo 1st Prize. – Fundación Geriatros – SARquavitae

Excursion to Can Foix.

The children of second primary went on a type of obstacle course for their senses.In the morning smelling different aromatic plants, tasting Autumn fruits, listening to the sounds of nature, touching various textures and of course observing their surroundings.In the afternoon with everything they had been shown and collected they made “The Chest of Senses”.  … Continúa leyendo Excursion to Can Foix.

SIL at the Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona!

Our school has been one of the 6 schools chosen from all over Catalunya for the first educational experience within the Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona! We are so very glad and proud, therefore our students already work on the first phase: Design Competition. Here some more words! Smart City EDucational Xperience has been … Continúa leyendo SIL at the Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona!

Excursion to Palautordera

On Monday 16th October the children of 6th Primary  went on an excursion to La Granja in Santa Maria de Palautodera. After breakfast and playing for a short while they started their activities, each group had three tasks of cohesion to complete, during these tasks they realised the importance of good communication, learning how to … Continúa leyendo Excursion to Palautordera

Excursion to Can Julià 3EP

On Wednesday the 11th of October, we went to the “Can Julià” masia and we did a cooking workshop. Although at the beginning we were a little bit scared because we don’t know how to cook some dishes, finally we got very excited as we see that the recipes were funny and delicious. The yogurts and the cupcakes … Continúa leyendo Excursion to Can Julià 3EP

We take care of the school’s garden

This week the Preschool children have planted and watered our garden. First, we have observed and smelled the plants and then, we have made a hole in the soil and planted the shoots. Finally, we have watered the plants to help them grow. The P3 children have planted different aromatic plants like lavender, rosemary, thyme, … Continúa leyendo We take care of the school’s garden

Greeting from Bishop O’Connell High School

Greetings from Bishop O’Connell High School in Arlington, Virginia!  As you may know, Bishop O’Connell has become Colegio SIL’s sister school in the U.S, and the experience has been phenomenal!  We are a co-ed catholic high school in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area founded in 1957. We are currently celebrating our sixtieth anniversary. The exchange … Continúa leyendo Greeting from Bishop O’Connell High School

Hello Vicky and Louis!

Vicky and Louis are our new Conversation Assistants and will spend this school year with us. At school we are delighted to welcome them and the host families that make this project possible. Welcome and good luck!

Psycomotricity in kindergarden

Last week the Preschool children went to the gym to do P.E activities. They played different games and participated in a circuit. They also learned a lot of things related to the parts of their body, spatial orientation, balance and coordination. They had so much fun!

Car Free Day

The school has participated today in the action organized by Ajuntament de Barcelona, “Dia Sense Cotxes”, in the Mobility Week. We’ve played traditional games in the street, we have decorated it, named the trees that bring life t it… We have taken the place to cars and we have enjoyed it a lot. What a … Continúa leyendo Car Free Day

Technologies 3rd ESO

Our proposal this year is to add value to Technologies 3rd ESO inside (and outside) the classroom… Get ready for #ProjectAccessibility… Be aware of networks…


This week the nursery children P0-P1-P2 have started the new school year. All the nursery teachers have been preparing a lot of different activities, games and routines to help your children to feel safe, confident and they have helped them to feel like home.

Photographic contest of the I FESTE SIL

We  have the  winner of the photographic contest of the I FESTE SIL. Congratulations to the Comas family.  


P4 Felicia Wei and ESO4th Nicolás Codina won the 1st prize in their categories of ABEAM (Associació de Barcelona per a l’Estudi i l’Aprenentatge de les matemàtiques) Drawing and Photography awards. Schools from all over Catalunya take part in the contest. Congratulations!


Teachers, students and families all enjoyed the first SIL festival last saturday. It was a day designed with an objective of happiness and fun for all the family. The morning was full of different activities and crafts in which anybody could participate. We all enjoyed the morning greatly. We have already started preparing for the … Continúa leyendo FESTE SIL

Schools taking conscience

Dear Families, Last weekend in the Spanish Sports City the final of the educational project “Schools taking conscience” was held. For the last four months the students have been working on different themes related with healthy habits. We wish to congratulate all those who participated on the first position they achieved and the work they … Continúa leyendo Schools taking conscience

Art exhibition

We, the Kindergarten students, have made an art exhibition with all the paintings done  throughout the year. The Primary 1 and 2 children have visited it. Two children from each class (P3-P4-P5) have led them with their teacher’s help. They have talked about the painters, the paintings exposed, the techniques and the material used. It … Continúa leyendo Art exhibition

Neuroscience workshops at ICAIME are back

On April 19th, we went to the ICAIME day care center to present our workshop about cognitive stimulation of Alzheimer illness. Our workshop consisted on presenting to the people affected by this illness our three activities with the purpose of slowing the development of Alzheimer. Living this experience has been very rewording to us.

Parliament of Catalonia.

5th Primary started the new term after the Easter holidays with a visit to the Parliament of Catalonia which is housed within the Ciutadella Park of Barcelona. The trip was interesting and clarified the function of this part of the government; the students were able to visit the main parliamentary room where all the sessions … Continúa leyendo Parliament of Catalonia.

Visit of the Mr. Molina, pilot of Iberia. (Santiago Borque ) On Wednesday 5th April 2017 a commercial pilot came to speak with 6th Primary he explained what being a pilot involves and all about planes. The pilot, Pablo Molina, explained what he had to study to become a pilot and he told the students that he had to pass many exams before he started … Continúa leyendo Visit of the Mr. Molina, pilot of Iberia. (Santiago Borque )

Mr. Prats at Bologna Children’s Book Fair

Mr. Prats, an ESO and Baccalaureate teacher at school, author of several historical and juvenile books, is taking parts in the Bolonia exhibition with seven books. This year, Catalunya and Balears aret he honour guest at the fair. Some of Mr. Prats’ most famous titles are: Aretes de Esparta, Carlomagno.El padre de Europa, Concurs enverinat, … Continúa leyendo Mr. Prats at Bologna Children’s Book Fair

XV Trobada de Corals d’Educació Infantil i Primària

As every year, 3 graders participated in the Annual School Choirs Meeting organized by Consorci d’Ensenyament. Here you are the news…   noticia XV Trobada de Corals d’Infantil i Primària

P5 experience with water and colours

The P5 children have experimented with different colour paints diluted in water. First we mixed water and yellow paint together in a glass. We repeated the experiment  with  blue paint and  red paint. Then we rolled up different materials and we put their tips in each glass. We have learned the meaning of the word … Continúa leyendo P5 experience with water and colours

Heart dissection in 4EP

Yesterday 4Primary went to the lab to cut a heart open. It was incredible!3ESO students with his Science teacher,Mr Lázaro, showed us all the inside parts of the heart. It was a pig´s heart  and we could see the Aorta, Cava, veins, arteries,valves,…we even put our fingers inside them!! Some hearts had a lot of … Continúa leyendo Heart dissection in 4EP

Concurs de frases fetes

Aquest mes d’abril, el departament d’humanitats engega el Concurs de frases fetes en català amb la finalitat de difondre aquestes expressions d’ús habitual i significat figurat entre els més joves. El concurs, que tindrà una periodicitat mensual, va adreçat a tots els alumnes d’ESO i batxillerat, per això hi haurà tres nivells de dificultat segons … Continúa leyendo Concurs de frases fetes

The parable.(Daniela Cabeza)

Daniela Cabeza Has been telling us about the work they have done in religion class. In religion class we have been working with the parables of Jesus; in four groups each one had to represent a parable: The prodigal son, The lost sheep and the parables of the talents. It has been an interesting and … Continúa leyendo The parable.(Daniela Cabeza)

Learning to cooperate.

In 1st B we are learning a lot about healthy eating; working in small cooperatives we are improving our knowledge and enjoying working together.

SIL School presents “Healthy Avatars” to Yomo

On Wednesday, March 1, SIL School presented the project “Healthy Avatars” at Yomo (Youth Mobile Festival). The project is being developed with students from 2nd year of ESO and aims to promote healthy habits with four themes: food, rest, well-being and physical activity. The project uses a methodology of inquiry and discovery in cooperative groups … Continúa leyendo SIL School presents “Healthy Avatars” to Yomo

Training Course “Tot Sona” by Dàmaris Gelabert in Nursery School.

Through the month of February and March, the nursery children and teachers have been attending and enjoying a musical stimulation course.The musical language plays a fundamental role in Early Childhood Education. From birth, music is a natural part of everyday experiences and has been shown to have vast benefits to a child’s development.Through music, children … Continúa leyendo Training Course “Tot Sona” by Dàmaris Gelabert in Nursery School.

National Phase of Model Parlament European – León

The students of 1st Baccalaureate of SIL School, Ildara Durán Tamaral, Marc Larrosa Durà and Stanislav Didkovskyi,  have successfully participated during the days 24, 25, 26 and 27 of February in León, representing their Autonomous Community together with other selected students from other schools in Catalonia and the rest of Spain. There have been days … Continúa leyendo National Phase of Model Parlament European – León

Claudia Dominguez 4th EP has told us about the excursion to the market.

On Wednesday 22nd February we went to the market in Vall De Hebron, we had a great time, we were allowed to take 5 Euros with us to get some shopping. We went walking and we stopped somewhere to have breakfast. In the market there were butchers, fishmongers, greengrocers etc. We really enjoyed ourselves and … Continúa leyendo Claudia Dominguez 4th EP has told us about the excursion to the market.

“Reading Club”

5th level has started a “Reading Club” in Catalan. Each one of us has brought a book. Every Wednesday we will enjoy the sun while reading and, through the class file, we are going to recommend books to each other. It will be a moment of concentration and quietness, discovering the great pleasures of the … Continúa leyendo “Reading Club”

Ana Paula Chávez 5th EPB has told us about her oral presentation.

“I had to explain to my classmates about prehistory in Peru with a power point presentation. The presentation was about ancient cultures and the cave paintings were my main focus of my speech. It was fun and very gratifying to explain and share this knowledge with the rest of the class”. Ana Paula Chávez.

School trip P3 students to Can Mas

P3 students went to a school trip to Can Mas, in Torrelles de Llobregat. They were cooks for a day, preparing handmade cookies that they had brought from home with them. Then, they enjoyed the natural environment along with a guided tour around the farm, where they could meet and touch different animals: the cow … Continúa leyendo School trip P3 students to Can Mas

“La coleccionista de palabras”

In 1st grade A we have read this tale: “La coleccionista de palabras”. Luna, the main caracter has a challenge for us. Stich will help us to find new words for learning new vocabulary. Now, we are detectives. Challenge accepted!

Our Fantastic Beasts

The children of 5EP are using their creativity and imagination through writing and drawing. They have created a bestiary of fantastic animals. Firstly they had to mix two distinctive animals to create a new beast. Then describe it and invent a myth around its creation. Here we have an exhibition of our talented little artists.

Polygons and Tangram

The third grade students are studying the polygons using the Tangram. They love to form different shapes with it! Maths is fun.

Proyecto Diorama

En Science, 4EP ha estado trabajando  los ecosistemas de la Tierra. Cada grupo eligió un ecosistema e investigó las plantas, los animales y minerales en el medio ambiente. Hicieron un diorama para aprender sobre los desiertos,  bosques, zonas húmedas, Ártico, Antártida…. ¿Cúal es tu favorito?

Diorama Project

4EP Science class has been working on Earth´s ecosystems.Each group chose an ecosystems and researched the plants,animals and nonliving things in the environment.They made a diorama to learn about deserts, grassland, forests, arctict and antarctica. Which one is your favourite?

ANB calculation method

With this method of manipulating different materials and doing many group games the children of 1st, learn to think about numbers and not figures. What fun It’s to calculate !

4A making a poster about positive adjectives

4A is working on positive adjectives we’ d like people to have. Before writing them, we had to choose the best and more appropiate . Respectful, kind, hard working, polite,…We learnt new adjectives and how to be better kids!! Your can see our poster at the open morning school day.


The P4 children went to the Chocolate Museum. There, they met “Xispeta” of cocoa, an elf coming from Madagascar who explained them where chocolate comes from through the observation of the cocoa tree, manipulating the cocoa fruit, learning about the ingredients and species used for the chocolate elaboration and also learning about the manufacturing process … Continúa leyendo P4 VISITED THE CHOCOLATE MUSEUM

Kindergarten is working robotics with Bee Bot.

This term the students of P3, P4 and P5 have started in to robotics. BEE BOT is a small bee robot that must follow our instructions with commands (forward, backward, rotate …) and must be correctly sequenced through the pushing of buttons to get a destination marked as aim. It is a fantastic resource to … Continúa leyendo Kindergarten is working robotics with Bee Bot.

Description game

The children of 5º EP are starting to become conscious of one precious commodity, that of language. Bearing this in mind, the importance of expression and clarity and how to use rich vocabulary, we have developed a game whereby they describe an object. The children are blindfolded and have a mystery object placed in their … Continúa leyendo Description game


The children of 5º EP  are combining their cooperative wax crayon drawings of characters with emotional education. After forming a group they have worked to create a character from their combined imaginations which would represent the strength and weaknesses of their group, and after take in to account the personality they have created. After they … Continúa leyendo Waxworks.

We work healthy habits with the Foundation Tomando Conciencia

Our school has been chosen together with other 16 schools in BCN, in the first edition of the Project Tomando Conciencia School, an initiative to promote healthy habits and to improve cardiovascular health carried by F.T.C. with the collaboration of  Fundació SHE and Asociación Barcelona Salud, led by, respectively,  Valentí Fuster and Josep Brugada.


The third grade students have done a project about the news. After researching information about the topic, we became journalists and we created our TV program: the InfoinfanSIL. Here you can find the link to watch it. We hope you enjoy it.

Welcome to Infantil SIL

Vídeo – Welcome to Infantil SIL.

Participation in the “Maraton of TV3”

A group of 10 students from 2nd ESO B have designed and created a poster for the Maraton of TV3 (a charity fundraising programme); with this poster Colegio SIL will take part in the programme. Their creativity and talent has been evident and they have also been able to understand, if only a little, the … Continúa leyendo Participation in the “Maraton of TV3”

Working with emotions 2nd ESO.

The students of 2nd ESO have attended a speech about emotions which was given by the professionals of ITA Institution of Barcelona”. In this speech, the students were able to work with six basic emotions and their relation with human agreement and the theory Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, pyramidal structure proposed by the psychologist Abraham … Continúa leyendo Working with emotions 2nd ESO.

Excellent participation of 1st Baccalaureate in MEP Cataluña.

The students of 1st Baccalaureate of SIL School have qualified for the I Session of Model European Parliament_ MEP Catalunya 2016. In this phase they have shown a level of excellence not only in debating, but also in the work they have been commissioned in the assembly of delegates representing various regions in Catalonia. This … Continúa leyendo Excellent participation of 1st Baccalaureate in MEP Cataluña.

Conversation Assistants 2016-17

We would like to introduce Aiden Myer and Erika Wilson, the Conversation Assistants for this school year. Their task is a very important one, and a great experience for themselves as well as for students and host families. They can explain it really well: “My experience as a conversation assistant has been truly amazing so … Continúa leyendo Conversation Assistants 2016-17

In P5 are working the organs of the body

The P5 Children have started a very interesting new project: we are discovering how our body is inside. The organs, the bones, the articulations, the senses, … We are learning plenty of new things. With the information that they bring from home and all the things that they are working at school, they are learning … Continúa leyendo In P5 are working the organs of the body

Let’s draw La Mercè!

Once again we presented the drawings we made to celebrate the festivities of la Mercè in the contest organized by the association of shopkeepers Barna Centre together with the City Council. • The effort and the enthusiasm of our young artists have been rewarded with the 1st Prize and a special mention. Drawing is a … Continúa leyendo Let’s draw La Mercè!

The parts of our faces

We have been working on parts of the face and what they are for. Our ears have heard the sound of the bells, our mouths have been eating chocolate (mmmmm …. delicious!), with our noses we have smelled a vanilla body lotion that we put on our hands and with our eyes we have been … Continúa leyendo The parts of our faces

Teresa Artuch Pérez de Ciriza and Joel Albert Tarragon Marriot 2nd Bachelorette students have been chosen to be explainers in CosmoCaixa.

They have started training and working in The Museum of Sciences as explainers. The program Explainers hopes to improve the vocation in scientific technologies with communicative skills and the use of English for science in secondary education while explaining some of the experiments which are displayed in the museum CosmoCaixa. This experience started through a … Continúa leyendo Teresa Artuch Pérez de Ciriza and Joel Albert Tarragon Marriot 2nd Bachelorette students have been chosen to be explainers in CosmoCaixa.

Sil School has participated in Codeweek.

EU Code Week is a grass-roots movement that celebrates creating with code. The idea is to make programming more visible, to show the young, adults and elderly how to bring ideas to life with code, to demystify these skills and bring motivated people together to learn. The SIL School has participated in the CodeWeek EU … Continúa leyendo Sil School has participated in Codeweek.

Industrial Revolution from XXIst century vision

We are getting into social structures and lifestyles of the XIXth century Industrial Revolution working together with documents  from that period.  

Newcomers at ESO

The gang of newcomer students practice Catalan mixed with their mother tongue. The result is really original!

Chestnut party

Last 28th of October the Kindergarten students celebrated “La Castanyada” and they were visited by María Castañera who gave hot chestnuts to all children and they received her with love and sang songs. They enjoyed eating chestnuts, “panellets” and yams.

The value of an experience

Ana and Marc are two of the students of 4th of ESO and 1st Bat who participated in Bishop O’Connell & SIL cultural exchange 2016. They have tried to explain with words the experience they lived and how they lived it. Their opinion reaffirms the importance of sharing culture and language and to see how … Continúa leyendo The value of an experience

P2 working on the ducks’ project

The P2 children are elaborating a project related to ducks. Thanks to the collaboration of the families, the little ones are learning lots of things about their pet and are enjoying sharing this experience all together.

The grape harvest

The P4 children have been to “Bodegas Torres” on a school trip, where they were able to experience the Harvest. They enjoyed touching, smelling and stepping on the grapes, and they got to know the process of the elaboration of wine, surrounded by a great natural atmosphere.

P5 have a reading companions

After the positive and the enthusiasm the students showed in this Project during the last school year,  we are having “Reading mates” in P5 and 5th grade in Primary again. This activity promotes the interest and pleasure in reading, while allowing the students to interact with fellow students from different levels. The proposed activities are … Continúa leyendo P5 have a reading companions

Bishop O’Connell cultural exchange

Last Saturday the group of teachers and students who took part in the cultural exchange programme with Bishop O’Connell HS in Arlington, Virginia, USA arrived. This has been the third edition of the programme and it has also been a success. Both, teachers and pupils, have returned delighted by the treatment they have received, the … Continúa leyendo Bishop O’Connell cultural exchange

Language volunteers

Laura, Pablo and Kiko are 2nd Bat students. In order to do their TR, they will start a Language Voluntary Service with just-landed pupils this school year. They will use part of their midday break to work with them from orality and playing to learn the basic vocabulary to enable them to talk with their … Continúa leyendo Language volunteers

Kango! Project

Dear families, As told in the parents’ meetings, in the school website you will find a link with all the information about the Kango! a project created by Ajuntament de Barcelona  that provides all students from 8 years old with a card that will send a message to parents’ cell phones the moment your child … Continúa leyendo Kango! Project

Juvenile literatura at SIL

Mr. Prats, teacher of history and history of religions at school has recently published three books of juvenile literature: Merrick. La veritable i meravellosa història de l’home elefant, Penny Berry i la poció màgica  i PennyBerry i l’arbre d’or de Xangri-La. These three titles enlarge a long list of publications including essays, historical novels or … Continúa leyendo Juvenile literatura at SIL

Equipment Sale

Minime Equipment Sale
El Corte Equipment Sale

Math workshop

In Math class we have been working on time and money units of measurement. The day of the workshop we organized a Math class market buying and selling so that students worked with calculations of money involved in the activity. María Cortés (4A) explains the experience…

Sustainable behaviors in 3rd

At Social Science classes, Primary 3rd students go on working and learning how important soil, water, sun and air are through activities that foster sustainable behavior habits with the environment. They experiment what happens when materials go into the sea: it takes a long time to degrade and eventually become Burrifum fish, Brik and Ring … Continúa leyendo Sustainable behaviors in 3rd

Magical drink to write

We all love witches, spells and magic but especially magic potions to get something you really like. In our Spanish class, in groups, we have written the necessary ingredients to obtain the different potions. It has been exciting and fun!

Workshops at ICAIME

Students in second of ESO have begun offering their memory stimulation workshops to seniors at the ICAIME Daycare Center.   The students have been working on this project in their advisory classes (tutoría) since the beginning of the school year, and now, the time has come to implement their hard work.  Participants at the senior center … Continúa leyendo Workshops at ICAIME

Bishop O’Connel & SIL Intercambio cultural 16-17

Bishop O’Connell and SIL are about to meet and share lots of amazing experiences again. This time our schools will represent us among students and families in Arlington, Virginia. Our teachers here and the American staff there are also very excited and eager to start a memorable week. Good flight and enjoy your stay!!!

Finalist at the contest Dibuixos Matemàtics d’ABEAM

Roger Bruno Mas, student at Preschool (P5), has been finalist among 190 works of his category in the contest Dibuixos Matemàtics d’ABEAM. Next May 12 we will go to Cilitab in Cornellà to receive the prize. Congratulations, Bruno!

Chess days.

During eight days our little “big champions” freely participated in the Chess Foundation Days. The best of it all is to see their faces while they are defending their chess pieces as champions!

Literary breakfast

We had a special  breakfast to celebrate” Diada de  Sant Jordi”: curios stories about adventures, about groups of friends, scary ones , those about the world, those that make you feel hungry…and we also shared some highly creative home cooked cakes ! We enjoyed it so much that we have a long cue until June … Continúa leyendo Literary breakfast

Revista Sant Jordi 2016!!!

Sant Jordi ja ha arribat! Sant Jordi ja és aquí! Com cada any la festa de les roses, l’amor i els llibres s’ha plantat davant nostre il·luminant-nos els ulls i dibuixant un somriure als nostres rostres. Perquè la historia va d’amor, d’amor entre prínceps i princeses, entre herois i heroïnes, entre persones que aprofiten l’ocasió … Continúa leyendo Revista Sant Jordi 2016!!!


Our SmartCity is already on! Inspired in Cerdà’s project, 30% green surface, water, facilities, ofices and housing. SIL becomes smarter day by day!!!  

How fun!

In our class we have been learning how to build teamwork one activity in Spanish. Then main aim of the task was to write some riddles with help from all the group members. In this way, we learnt and understood the importance of taking turns when we needed to talk and respect for our team … Continúa leyendo How fun!


Geometry has been approved to art by 3rd Primary students, after discovering and learning aspects about polygons, circles and circunferences Each team has experimented with different materials and they all have really enjoyed the activity “Les molles saltarines”, “La nit dels meteorits”, “Natura artística” i la “Festa de les Llunes” aret he titles of the … Continúa leyendo Creativity

Peer learning.


Students of SIL School in the Programa Investiga I+D+i

The five students of 4th year that presented their projects to the Congress  Phase for researchers promoted by the San Patricio Foundation in Madrid, have been selected from more than 3,000 candidates in different lines of research:   Health Line: Francisco Luis Muñoz Garcia Power Line: Albert Pérez Gallardo Communication technologies and information Line: Xu … Continúa leyendo Students of SIL School in the Programa Investiga I+D+i

The Alzheimer workshop

The students in 2nd ESO have already started working on the Alzheimer workshop which will be presented to the users of the day care Center ICAIME. We are very excited.

Personal opinion trip to Lanzarote

Eran las nueve de la mañana y estábamos ya en el aeropuerto esperando a embarcar en el avión que nos llevaría a un paraíso llamado Lanzarote. Cada uno de nosotros sabía que la diversión en este viaje no sería escasa, sin embargo no podíamos llegar a imaginar los buenos momentos que tuvimos el gozo de … Continúa leyendo Personal opinion trip to Lanzarote

Our visit to the ” Saló de l’Ensenyament”

El passat 9 de març, els alumnes de 1r de batxillerat vam assistir al Saló de l’Ensenyament, un espai on s’exposen les diverses carreres universitàries i opcions que hi ha pel nostre futur, una vegada finalitzat el batxillerat. Des del nostre punt de vista, ens ha semblat una bona opció que el col·legi hagi donat … Continúa leyendo Our visit to the ” Saló de l’Ensenyament”

Learning to relax

Learning to relax to start work in class is an activity that we do should do on entering the school. Our classmate Esteban of 4thB explained how to do this at the beginning of the class.  

How can we work in groups?

It was amazing to work in groups with the first graders. They had fun! We were learning about pirates in Spanish and we had the idea to do it by groups. We have learnt a lot of things such as taking turns when we speak, listen to others and share our opinions. In addition, we … Continúa leyendo How can we work in groups?

Laboratory practices

Some students of  3Eso taught us, 4Primary, the parts of the heart and how it works in our body. It was a very interesting experience to go to the lab and see a real heart of a pig or lamb in front of us! We learnt about its function and parts much better than only … Continúa leyendo Laboratory practices

Problema familiar – Marzo 2016 (7º Concurso de razonamiento matemático)

Como el curso pasado, este mes de marzo,  presentamos el nivel 5 (nivel familiar) de nuestro concurso de razonamiento matemático. Este nivel da entrada al concurso a todas las familias del Colegio, la ganadora conseguirá un premio. Se trata de resolver, participando toda la familia, el siguiente problema: Enunciado: Bart y su perro van, cada … Continúa leyendo Problema familiar – Marzo 2016 (7º Concurso de razonamiento matemático)

Exchange Programme

Preparations are on the way for SIL’s second trip to Bishop J O’Connell  school in Virginia. What better way to do this than to recall one of the highlights of O’Connell’s visit to Barcelona this past October:  our visit to the University Abat Oliba where we learned how a TV studio works. Lights, camera, action!! … Continúa leyendo Exchange Programme

Chinese New Year

新年快乐! (xin niàn kuài le!) Mandarin Chinese students are celebrating the Chinese New Year, The Fire Monkey. According to the Chinese tradition, it will teach us to be better human beings. The results are love, intelligence and patience, three virtues that are learned through experience…

Working with geometric figures

For weeks we have been working with toohpicks to make flowers pots. Once finished, we have filled them with silk paper flowers on clay. It has been big fun.


This year 5th graders are journalists, and they are writing ezines (an internet magazine), They’ve written three so far, have a look at them! Our first ezine.pdf Our first ezine jobs.pdf Our first ezine national parks.pdf

Skiing course

During these days students are doing a skiing course. Enjoying themselves at all times and learnings the best techniques of this sport

Conferences at six grade

Children in sixth grade are learning how to give small lectures on history topics. Today, Lucia Martinez has told us lots of things about Galileo Galilei. You can see pictures from other lecturers about different topics about the modern age.


Punt Verd Mòbil School visited the school yesterday. The ESO 4th year students were responsible for organizing the recycling center. We thank all families for helping us to make future generations aware of the need for a more sustainable world. Thank you very much to you all! PVME pictures


In the Social 3rd grade we have been doing different activities and learning things about forestry experts, famers, fishermen and miners. We have everything ready and we are going to explain to our classmates these jobs and how important they are. Look! We had a great organization while we were working in groups!

“Cifras y Letras” Grand Final

Yesterday, students from Primary 6th and 1st ESO participated in the Grand Final Competition Cifras y Letras  SIL 2016. After several months overtaking different phases in the Catalan, Spanish , English and mathematics classes , the winners of each group met in the final. The audience could also participate and, after a hard-fought end, the … Continúa leyendo “Cifras y Letras” Grand Final

Drawing Award “General Alejandre”

Irene Huelín de la Torre received the General Alejandre Originality Award for her drawing about the theme What I liked the best from the Castle. Yesterday, Irene and the other participants in the activities of the Foundation Marino Todolí went to Montjuïc to enjoy a number of activities organized by the Friends of the Castle … Continúa leyendo Drawing Award “General Alejandre”

Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese has started in January, taught by Mr. Nauset. The aim of this course is learning the basic knowledge of the most spoken language. Timetable:                                                           … Continúa leyendo Mandarin Chinese

My Favourite Book

In English we are doing “My Favourite Book” project. it consists on bringing your favourite book and tell your friends about it. Some books are “Rumplestiltskin”, ” Dork Diary”, ” The Secret Cave” and ” Kika Crazy for Football”. We like this project because we can improve our oral English and, at the same time, … Continúa leyendo My Favourite Book

The Human Rights Day

In the same day that the human rights, the fifth grade students have been to the composition awards for the “Ilustre Colegio de Abogacía “.

The Furniture Project

Is it possible to design furniture without screws?  Would they be tough enough? In our furniture Project we are studying and working the different types of efforts and structures , we are testing the strength of materials and structures found in nature ; Did you know that a piece of paper DINA4 can support the … Continúa leyendo The Furniture Project

Our plants are growing.

In the Science class of 3rd grade we are studying nutrition in plants. A few weeks ago we planted some bean seeds and now they are growing. As shown in the pictures, it was easy for us to see the roots and the leaves of our plants. Remember that plants are living things and they … Continúa leyendo Our plants are growing.

Competition award “Dibuixem la Mercè”

Our P4A pupil Lola Llamas Raga has been recognised in the “Dibuixem la Mercè” competition and has been awarded a certificate from Barcelona town hall.

“Caps’s Solidarity Campaign”

We have started the caps’s solidarity campaign for this year. All students of Primary and Secundary courses participate in the campaign “Open your solidarity”, which is conducted in collaboration with the GAEM (Group Affected Multiple Sclerosis Foundation). For this reason you can find containers for the collection of caps in different parts of the school. … Continúa leyendo “Caps’s Solidarity Campaign”

First meeting with the godparents of reading

Finally, the big day has come when the godparents get together with their godchildren  for the first shared readings. The photos speak for themselves and they carry values such as friendship, responsibility, commitment … Photos with godparents of reading

2nd ESO attends a talk on Diabetes and Obesity

As part of the La Marató de TV3 campaign’s outreach about Obesity and Diabetes this year, the students of 2nd ESO have attended a talk where they could learn more about aspects of these diseases and their effects in the daily people’s lives. Tania Alvarez (a nurse at Hospital Vall d’Hebron ) has explained the … Continúa leyendo 2nd ESO attends a talk on Diabetes and Obesity


The 6th Primary students have atended the conference held by the students of 1st ESO in the “ Semnana de Kla Ciencia”. The work has been used to reinforce the connection  and interaction of both levels and a great oportunity to lecture in English. After all the exhibitions a debate took place and all questions … Continúa leyendo CONFERENCE OF 1st ESO

Learning how to learn.

The boys and girls in 3rd grade are learning different study techniques and we’re discovering that some of us like to express our knowledge through drawings, some others like to play the ask answer game and there are those, who are already into concept maps. We all share our experiences and we tell each other what techniques … Continúa leyendo Learning how to learn.

‘The immune system and vaccines’

Dr. Javier Vega , researcher at the Institute of Biomedical Research of Barcelona Agustí Pi Sunyer ( IDISAPS -UB ) , talked with the students of 3rd and 4th of ESO and the Baccalaureate , on ‘ The immune system and vaccines ‘ as part of the Science Week . His explanations and the subsequent … Continúa leyendo ‘The immune system and vaccines’

Visit of the students of Master in Management at Educational Centers , UB.

A group of students of the Master in Management at Educational Centers (University of Barcelona, ​​UB ) visited the school yesterday as a part of the visits that they do to centers of reference. Ms. Meritxell Balcells, as director of the school, attended them and answered all their questions related to the management to link … Continúa leyendo Visit of the students of Master in Management at Educational Centers , UB.

Teach values: recycling 2nd grade

This morning, in Arts class,  we enjoyed using recycled objects we had brought from our homes. We created funny crafts such as rockets,robots or planes to work together and share materials with our friends. We not only learnt about creativity but also about sharing and working together. You’ll think twice before you throw out that old … Continúa leyendo Teach values: recycling 2nd grade

We work values

A few days ago, the students of 2nd A of primary did an activity based on the positive values, which was fun and rewarding for them. The activity involved: each child with a card and different coloured marker hanging on their back, in which using these materials they had to write on their classmates’ cards … Continúa leyendo We work values

7th Celebration of the Family Chestnut Contest

As a culmination of a week with activities about the Castañada festivity and Halloween, it has been held the award cerimony of the 7th Celebration of the Family Chestnut Contest. After counting 368 votes, the results are the following: 1st Prize: Family Siemens 2nd Prize: Family Espinal Loaiza 3rd Prize: Family Caviccholi Villar and family … Continúa leyendo 7th Celebration of the Family Chestnut Contest

Working divisions

In the Maths class we start with the divisions. The 3rd grade tutors started to work on one figure divisions last year, and we are now starting to work these kind of operations using the pupil’s previous knowledge. To reinforce the concept of “distribution division” and to understand the mechanism, we have taught them the … Continúa leyendo Working divisions

Compilation of letters about OconnellHS students

Virginia-BCN MI EXPERIENCIA ACOGIENDO A LA AMERICANA REDACCIÓN AMERICANA USA Maria Beneito La gran experiencia del intercambio

The spirit of Halloween has visited SIL!

Last Halloween was very special for the 1st Bat students… Just take a look at this!!!! SILLER

Delivery of Cambridge certificates 2015-2016

  In the Sala d’Actes of the school, diplomas attesting the level of English of our students have been delivered: Starters, Movers, Flyers, KET, PET , FCE, CPE i CAR . There was much excitement and emotion … We must congratulate all students because this accreditation is a part, a very important part, of their … Continúa leyendo Delivery of Cambridge certificates 2015-2016

“La gran experiencia del intercambio” por Tatiana Mesarra (4ª ESO)

La gran experiencia del intercambio Después de tantos meses de espera y preparativos, llegó el día de mi gran experiencia. Que nervios esperando con mis amigos en el aeropuerto a lo que sería durante una semana mi hermana americana. Las puertas se abrían…¡Pero no acababan de salir! Hasta que por fin ahí estaban. ¡Que emoción! … Continúa leyendo “La gran experiencia del intercambio” por Tatiana Mesarra (4ª ESO)


5th grade students are journalists now! They’re writing their first internet magazine (an e-zine) in Cambridge classes in English. Soon in “My SIL Box”.


Among all the activities planned, the group of American students entered the Primary and ESO classrooms to practice their Spanish. Each group has previously prepared an activity to do with them and they all have had great fun! The experience has been a big success!


A few days ago the 4th grade students started a new Project called “The Expert”. It is an activity of cooperative work. The aim of this activity is learning in a team work, within classmates. This way the team will deal with skills like listening, building knowledge, cooperation to reach a common goal, helping, autonomy … Continúa leyendo BE EXPERT

Primary 1st visit

Last Thursday the students from primary 1st had a funny surprise. They mustn’t have to line up as every afternoon, because their parents went upstairs, to their classrooms to spend a nice time together. Their children could show them their desks, could tell them anecdotes and share their classroom Private Gallery Colegio Sil  

Students from Bishop O’Connell High School are visiting SIL.

Last Friday the students from Bishop O’Connell High School arrived in Barcelona in the Student Exchange Program. They enjoyed the long weekend with their ‘families’ going to the most emblematic sites, enjoying the views of the city and tasting the most typical meals. Today they held a meeting with the director of the school, Ms. … Continúa leyendo Students from Bishop O’Connell High School are visiting SIL.


Next October 9th a group of students from Bishop O’Connell High School, Virgina (USA) is arriving in Barcelona. This group is a part of an exchange programme which involves SIL. Last school year, 9 students from our school went to Virginia and took part of their school routine, they visited New York and they enjoyed … Continúa leyendo Welcome!

Conversation Assistants

Lauren and Kaspar, the English conversation assistants, have joined us today to stay  through the school year. Welcome to SIL!    


You can already read the requirements to participate in the Mathematics Photo contest thi course. Good luck to everybody!   XIIth Mathematics photo contest.pdf


From October on you can start participating in the Mathematical Reasoning contest . Remember: it consists of not only giving a solution, but also explaining the reasoning you have followed to reach it .Cheer up … and let’s think ! 7th Mathematical Reasoning contest.pdf


Books For those families (1st Primary – 2nd Batxillerat), and, as we do every year, we are giving you the link to J.Nadal company. This link will permit families purchase next year’s books. We remind you that books will be available at school from july 15th (if the command is done before July 13th). In … Continúa leyendo Books

Education Evaluation

Avaluació Competències Bàsiques   Benvolgudes famílies, Enguany, el alumnes de 4t de l’ESO i 6è de Primària, de l’escola, van realitzar la prova d’avaluació externa per comprovar el nivell d’assoliment de les competències bàsiques(1) en les àrees de català, castellà, matemàtica i anglès. Els fem arribar un resum de  l’informe elaborat pel Departament d’Enseyament de la … Continúa leyendo Education Evaluation

Google Education

We have currently introduced the services of Google Educational System. This enables parents, pupils and teachers to have an email account, so as to improve communication and the use of new technologies. We hope it becomes a useful tool for sharing pictures and videos of your children’s daily activities. The picture galleries will be uploaded … Continúa leyendo Google Education


Dear parents, students, teachers, colleagues and people that visit us looking for a school for your children: We are pleased to introduce our new website. We apologise for any errors that might be detected on this new launch phase. It has been designed with the intention to provide a useful tool for current school members … Continúa leyendo Welcome

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