SIL, Centro privado concertado por la Generalitat de Catalunya


The students of the first cycle of Infantile Education use a gray and garnet tracksuit in all their activities. The uniform is completed with a folder, both specific to the School.

The uniform from kindergarten (P3) to 4th of ESO consists of a garnet polo and gray pants for boys and a skirt (jumper from P3 to 2º of PE) for girls, gray jacket and navy blue grim, with SIL embroidery. The socks are gray for children and garnet for girls and the shoes are navy blue or black.

In addition to the portfolio, the students must carry a sports bag for physical education and/or swimming equipment. In Baccalaureate, the school uniform is not required. Nevertheless, the students' aspect and way of dressing must go along with the values ​​that the College transmits.

Equipment for Physical Education and Swimming

It is compulsory for all students of the Center from Primary Education to High School.

The swimming equipment is compulsory until 6th grade of primary school. It is composed of: competition swimwear, bathrobe and red cap for boys and blue cap for girls.

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