SIL, Centro privado concertado por la Generalitat de Catalunya


This ideoplogy details the educational phlosophy of the School and reveals its own identity within the educational institutions as a whole.

Its content is widely carried out in the Centre´s educational project, where the process of the educational action is defined and clear lines of teaching are set up. SIL School is a half public institution founded in 1978, characterized by its christian beliefs, the coeducation, its trilingual project and by providing its students with academic and human excelence through personalised attention plus intellectual and human formation.


Our main goal is the holistic education of our students, as much to cultural and human aspects, as to artistic and sportive ones, through respect towards plurality and diversity, according the Christian concept of life and considering effort, work, tolerance and coexistence as thecentral concept of our educational project. We expect to offer families and society the highest education service. Our educational project is trilingual and is increased with a second foreign language during the secondary education.

The centre also teaches Catholic Religion. We offer a solid human training through a personalised assistance to each one of our students.

The scholl framework of coexistence is subjected to the Regulations of the Institution, which regularises and develops the rules of the centre as well as the resources needed for the coexistence and teaching.

This provides a space of cohesion where respect toguether with effort make possible to develope the abilities of our students. The student is the main character and the rationale of our institution. Each student has to commit himself to the educational task, keeping an atmosphere of coexistence and developing attitudes of tolerance and respect.

Moreover, he needs to fulfil the expectations as a student of this centre, according to a culture of respect and self-improvement. The Educational Community of the School is a unity where parents, students, teachers and non-teaching members pursue a common goal: a high quality education.

In order to achieve this goal, all members are committed in a constructive, honest, open and a coherent way according to the Educational Project chosen by all of them. The involvement of parents, main responsibles for the education of their children, is absolutely necessary to achieve these goals. Our school is a complement, not a substitution, of parents education.

This fact requires a close and a tenacious collaboration with the families and their support towards our educational task. The centre supports this cooperation providing personal attention to families and students. Teachers are the key of the functional structure of our school. They apply the Educational Project, develop their work in accordance to it and create a strong work team. Our school tries to count on the best professionals , taking into consideration their teaching and personal skills as well as all the added value they can add to the educational community.

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