SIL, Centro privado concertado por la Generalitat de Catalunya


NURSERY SCHOOL (0-3 years old).

We would like the children to feel like home and to happily grow together, in a comfortable and safe atmosphere .

We have our own project designed by our teachers which takes into consideration the different levels we teach, and respects the learning pace of each student.

During these school years we inculcate habits and daily routines, which help them win personal autonomy. Through games, music, psychomotricity, and experimentation, students develop different capacities. This early stimulation leads to a total neurologic organisation, necessary to achieve the following lessons.

Since we are a trilingual school, English, Catalan and Spanish are the working languages, so they are daily used at school. During the third term, P2 students have their first contact with an aquatic environment: they have an hour of swimming pool class every week.

The Nursery School is located in the main building of the school, and it has bright, large and suited areas. It's composed by:

  • 1 class for babies, P0
  • 2 classes for P1
  • 2 classes for P2

KINDERGARTEN (3-6 years old)

At this educational stage, we guide children through their emotional, cognitive, motor, and social development, helping them become better people with tools to integrate, adapt, and develop themselves in the changing society around them.

Our methodology is based on the action, manipulation and experimentation, and it intends to awake the senses, the emotions, and the curiosity of the children. The stimulation, the motivation and the participation in the different activities allow the students to have significant learning.

We respect the maturity level of each student and we have a reinforcement teacher in the classroom, who helps and assists the necessities of every student. The technological equipment in the classroom helps to consolidate the objectives.

Every day, they have two hours of English Class, one with the English teacher and the other with a native speaking assistant.

From P3 course, the students have an hour a week of swimming lessons at the swimming pool of our school.

The Kindergarten is located on the first floor in the main building of the school, and it includes:

  • 2 classes for P3
  • 2 classes for P4
  • 2 classes for P5

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