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ana 7 ana 5 ana 6 ana 7Last week Vanesa Almagro, Caterina (P5) and Antonio’s (P3) mum came to our School to do different science activities related on physics and her job.

First of all they talked about Einstein, who he was, what he studied and what he discovered.

They made a wave machine with Cello tape and wooden ice-lolly sticks. Throughout this experiment children could understand and learn how the waves are created.

Then, they poured some water in a tray and put some drawn flowers with the petals closed inside. Little by little they observed that the petals started to open slowly because of the capillarity process. Vanessa explained to them that there is a substance in paper called “fibrin” which absorbs water and makes flowers open.

Finally, they worked on the magnetic force by using magnets and metal objects. They could observe the attraction force between the magnets.

It was a very interesting experience! Thank you for your collaboration!


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