Consejo escolar 
SIL, Centro privado concertado por la Generalitat de Catalunya


This is the collegiate governing body that stands for our educational community and performs its role, based on the respect towards the rights of both students and parents, teachers, administrative and service staff, as well as of this institution.

School board members:

  • The director that presides over the centre.
  • Three representatives of the centre´s institution
  • Four representatives of faculty
  • Four representatives of parents
  • Two representatives of students
  • A representative of the administration and services staff

School Council deliberations might be attended, with voice but no vote, by the rest of the centre´s single-member organs, when they have to deal with issues within their competence.

School Council Constitution of SIL School:

Ms. Meritxell Balcells Sanahuja, as director and serving as president of the School Board.

Messrs Xavier de la Vega Gómez and José Carlos de San Eufrasio Vilà, as representatives of the school ownership.

Mr Jaume Cubells Sagués and the ladies Mª Isabel Molero Aguilera, Ruth Losa Palacio and Mª Ángeles Aldaba Garcia as representatives of the Faculty.

The ladies Begoña Cortina Rodríguez, Marta Montañés Delmás, Teresa Canyelles Mateo and mr. Manuel Cisneros Soria as representatives of AMPA members.

Fran Guix Claramunt and Mª Teresa Artuch Pérez de Ciriza as representatives of the students.

Mr. Agustín Moreno Cascón as representative of the administration and services staff.

Mr. S. Joan Oriol Riera, secretary of the center, which serves as Secretary of the Board, with voice but no vote.

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