Boarding schools in Barcelona - Colegio Sil 
SIL, Centro privado concertado por la Generalitat de Catalunya

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

We would like to thank you in advance for the fact of taking into account our residence as an accommodation option in Barcelona.

Our greatest wish is that our residents, E.S.O and A. Level, enjoy the maximum comfort and have all the necessary available so that they can devote themselves to their studies.

We hope the attached information to be as complete as possible.

Our most cordial greetings,

Angela Todolí
Jose M. Moldes


  • 07:00 : All GCSE school students are awaken an hour before classes start and, after their personal hygiene and cleanliness of the room, they have a complete breakfast before joining punctually their lessons.
  • 08:00 TO 11:00 : A Level (Advanced Level) lessons.
  • 09:00 TO 11:00 : GCSE ( General Certificate of Secondary Education) lessons.
  • 11:00 TO 11:30 AM: During this half an hour break time, the residents will have a Sandwich or similar. Students attending 1st and 2nd degree of A Level are allowed to leave the centre during break time.
  • 11:30 TO 13:30 : Lessons
  • 13:30 TO 15:25 : Lunch time and break (they will have a classroom available for studying; that study offer will be optional). Some levels –optionally- might have lessons until 14.30.
  • 15:30 TO 17:30 : Lessons (for those pupils attending 2nd level of A Level – and those attending 1st level, when they do not have classes in the afternoon)- these two hours will be dedicated to study in their own rooms, except for those that have Optional Subjects lessons.
  • 17:30 TO 17:55 : Leisure and rest time, already in the Residence, to have a Snack. Students attending 2nd level of A Level are allowed to go out during these 25 minutes.
  • 18:00 TO 20:00 : GUIDED STUDY by graduates, in small groups.
  • 20:05 TO 20:55 : Ongoing study for those GCSE students who, due to academic reasons, require it and, of course, also for those who want to attend them. (Lack of performance and bad qualifications might imply a denial of the student´s readmission in the centre.)
  • 21:00 TO 21:30 : Dinner under the residence personnel supervision.
  • 21:30 TO 21:55 : Spare time in the facilities of the Residence.
  • 22:00 TO 23:00 : Study time in their own rooms that can be dedicated to read any book required for a subject, a more relaxing school task, or to carry on studying.
  • 23:30 : End of the day (personal hygiene and retreat to the rooms). Lights will be turned down around midnight; during the exams period, students will be allowed to retire later but always within a reasonable time and taking into account if they are making the most of their time.

All night long, qualified staff will take care ot the students and will meet any requirement so that they can rest properly in our Barcelona student accommodation..

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