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Dear all:

We kindly ask you to send us (by post or email) the following documents before the 1ST OF SEPTEMBER:

  • 2 photocopies of the Social Security Card and the Medical Insurance Card.
  • 2 photocopies of the Identity Card.
  • 2 passport size photos.
  • Official Medical Certificate.
  • Registration form attached to the dossier, duly completed.

(We remind you the importance of the delivery of this paperwork so that the residence can start working in advance with the resident´s data)


At all times, we demand students a climate of peaceful coexistence and respect , in order to achieve a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in the Residence.

The School Regulations –detailed in the School Agenda given to the students at the very beginning of the school year- explain all the general rules of the centre and highlight the ones we consider specially important. We have also added some others that apply specifically to the Residence.

  • Respectful treatment towards the Residence working staff and colleagues , as well as to the teachers, mentors and colleagues of the School.
  • Punctuality to wake up, go to bed, or when performing any task previously planned by the School or the Residence.
  • Insults regarding religious, racial or political differences will be considered extremely serious offences.
  • It is mandatory to attend School with the regulation uniform (for students up to 4th GCSE)
  • For the rest of students, it is forbidden to wear clothes with xenophobic, political or religious messages. Students should be dressed accurately. Infringing this rule might entail not being allowed to enter the School and having to stay in the Residence.
  • Drug consumption, trafficking or possession, will automatically entail the expulsion of the resident, informing parents previously about the facts.
  • Tobacco consumption is forbidden as well, in almost any Residence facility – only allowed in designated areas- and will only be allowed in the case of students of 1st and 2nd A Level that provide a signed consent by the parents that should be delivered to the
  • Management of the centre at the moment of the enrolment.
  • Residents have the duty of taking care of their rooms.
  • Any imperfection due to vandalism or inappropiated attitudes will be chargeable to the users of the room, except for those cases in which the guilty ones appear.
  • Rooms should also be tidied before going to School to facilitate the cleaning job to the satff in charge.
  • Once back to the rooms, silence should be absolute to allow a proper rest.
  • Each room will have a key that needs to be left in its corresponding box in the reception when someone leaves the Residence. Under no circumstances the Residence should open a room due to the fact of forgetting the key inside the room or for any other reason.
  • The resident can ask to the Management for a key – exclusively for personal use- from his personal box. This key will be responsibility of the Student, and needs to be returned before leaving at the end of the school year.
  • Any action against a property of a resident will imply an automatic expulsion of the Student, informing parents previously about the facts.
  • Exit permits will be exclusively limited to the schedule detailed by the Management. Any exit not matching the agreed schedule, needs to be ratified by written permission –beforehand- to the Management and only due to force majeure. (We beg parents maximum cooperation at this point)

As previously mentioned, the use of uniform will be compulsory up to the 4th level of GCSE. The aforementioned regulation uniform, consists of:

  • Grey troussers or regulation skirt
  • Grey V-neck pullover
  • Big polo shirt
  • Regulation gown
  • Gray or maroon socks for girls
  • Black shoes

    All these garments that form the School regulation uniform can be purchased in the Department of Collegiate Equipment of El Corte Inglés. In the same place, you will also find the SIL School specific Sports uniform, compulsory for Physical Education lessons.

As developing life in the residence, students tend to bring some personal objects (mobiles, calculators, etc.). We stronly recommend that these objects are not of great value because in any case the residence will be responsible for their disappearance.

Residents are NOT allowed to use laptops within the residence, in order to avoid distractions in their hours of study. They will have - when necessary - the School's computer room at their disposal, in the scheduled hours aimed for this purpose.

Payments shall be made monthly, within the first ten days of each month.

School materials and textbooks, always in charge of the student, will be delivered at the very beginning of the school year.

The school provides students with an Accident Insurance that will cover the whole of their stay.

If the student leaves the school voluntarily or due to any circumstance unconnected to the Centre, he won´t be able to claim any refund. Only in case of expulsion, a fraction of the registration fee will be refunded.

If the student withdraws from school, from the Residence, or just from a school activity, he should notify it at least a month in advance, in a reliable way.






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