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Open School - 28/01/2017

Educating the present to face the future.

Trilingual Project

The trilingual project of Colegio SIL focuses on English, Catalan and Spanish to provide students with a solid linguistic competence in all three languages, expanding to a second foreign language in secondary school.

Quality education

Colegio SIL guarantees quality education to students, based on an educational system that focuses on the daily academic progress of the student.

Child education

Colegio Sil offers an experimental, active and global teaching from 4 months of age, accompanying our students in their personal growth, playing, experimenting and sharing experiences that will establish the foundations of their own learning process.

Forming people for over 40 years.

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Last news

The dissection

Last week we did a heart dissection of a pig in the lab .Dr Lázaro and some students of 3ESO were the monitors who helped us to do the dissection.  We learned about Vena Cava, valves, Atrium and Aorta, the body´s largest artery in our body. We used scalpels  to dissect the heart . Some … Continúa leyendo The dissection

Project about inventions

The students of 5th primary have been working on a project about inventions. They have been doing a lot of investigation and discovered some very interesting things. To conclude this week they have made one of the inventions, one which helps with our personal hygiene, soap. To make this they first liquidised some pure glycerine, … Continúa leyendo Project about inventions

Master Chef project

The 2nd graders have worked on the Master Chef project during the 2nd term. Where the recipe has been worked, its preparation and quantities, we have cooked all together and we have had a great time!

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