How fun!

In our class we have been learning how to build teamwork one activity in Spanish. Then main aim of the task was to write some riddles with help from all the group members. In this way, we learnt and understood the importance of taking turns when we needed to talk and respect for our team mates to express our own ideas. Everybody cooperated and the result of the activity was outstanding. Therefore, we decided to hang our mural in order to share it with all our schoolmates and teachers.

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Geometry has been approved to art by 3rd Primary students, after discovering and learning aspects about polygons, circles and circunferences

Each team has experimented with different materials and they all have really enjoyed the activity “Les molles saltarines”, “La nit dels meteorits”, “Natura artística” i la “Festa de les Llunes” aret he titles of the exhibition.

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“Cifras y Letras” Grand Final

Yesterday, students from Primary 6th and 1st ESO participated in the Grand Final Competition Cifras y Letras  SIL 2016. After several months overtaking different phases in the Catalan, Spanish , English and mathematics classes , the winners of each group met in the final. The audience could also participate and, after a hard-fought end, the group formed by Ariadna Naranjo of 1 ESO B, Marc Bestué of 1 ESO A, Marc Miquel  6A and Gerard Domínguez  6B were winners .

Congratulations to all the finalists, to teachers who have been helping them to reach the final, and to the public for their attitude. Congratulations to them all!

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“Caps’s Solidarity Campaign”

We have started the caps’s solidarity campaign for this year. All students of Primary and Secundary courses participate in the campaign “Open your solidarity”, which is conducted in collaboration with the GAEM (Group Affected Multiple Sclerosis Foundation).

For this reason you can find containers for the collection of caps in different parts of the school.

Thank you all for your solidarity.

comunication caps 1

Learning how to learn.

The boys and girls in 3rd grade are learning different study techniques and we’re discovering that some of us like to express our knowledge through drawings, some others like to play the ask answer game and there are those, who are already into concept maps.

20151109_093340 20151109_091516 20151109_093139 20151109_093001 20151109_092605 20151109_092118We all share our experiences and we tell each other what techniques are better!

We have months ahead to learn them all.

Teach values: recycling 2nd grade

This morning, in Arts class,  we enjoyed using recycled objects we had brought from our homes.
We created funny crafts such as rockets,robots or planes to work together and share materials with our friends.

We not only learnt about creativity but also about sharing and working together.

You’ll think twice before you throw out that old sock or cereal box you have at home!