Kango! Project

Dear families,

As told in the parents’ meetings, in the school website you will find a link with all the information about the Kango! a project created by Ajuntament de Barcelona  that provides all students from 8 years old with a card that will send a message to parents’ cell phones the moment your child enters school. We think this is s a good project to avoid traffic jams at rush hours. The school will receive the cards and hand them to your children.

Kango! Project Ajuntament de Barcelona

Sustainable behaviors in 3rd

At Social Science classes, Primary 3rd students go on working and learning how important soil, water, sun and air are through activities that foster sustainable behavior habits with the environment.

They experiment what happens when materials go into the sea: it takes a long time to degrade and eventually become Burrifum fish, Brik and Ring turtles, Tinfish, Pilaplacton… a very dangerous marine life for the rest of the environment!

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How fun!

In our class we have been learning how to build teamwork one activity in Spanish. Then main aim of the task was to write some riddles with help from all the group members. In this way, we learnt and understood the importance of taking turns when we needed to talk and respect for our team mates to express our own ideas. Everybody cooperated and the result of the activity was outstanding. Therefore, we decided to hang our mural in order to share it with all our schoolmates and teachers.

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Geometry has been approved to art by 3rd Primary students, after discovering and learning aspects about polygons, circles and circunferences

Each team has experimented with different materials and they all have really enjoyed the activity “Les molles saltarines”, “La nit dels meteorits”, “Natura artística” i la “Festa de les Llunes” aret he titles of the exhibition.

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