Visit to Factory Cola Cao

On Tuesday the 6th February we went to the factory of Idilia Foods where we watched how “Cola Cao” was produced. We discovered what the ingredients were and watched the full manufacturing process, we were also shown all the types of  “Cola Cao” that there are. At the end, for our breaktime snack we tried some of the products chocolate, biscuits and chocolate milkshakes. It was great.

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ana 7 ana 5 ana 6 ana 7Last week Vanesa Almagro, Caterina (P5) and Antonio’s (P3) mum came to our School to do different science activities related on physics and her job.

First of all they talked about Einstein, who he was, what he studied and what he discovered.

They made a wave machine with Cello tape and wooden ice-lolly sticks. Throughout this experiment children could understand and learn how the waves are created.

Then, they poured some water in a tray and put some drawn flowers with the petals closed inside. Little by little they observed that the petals started to open slowly because of the capillarity process. Vanessa explained to them that there is a substance in paper called “fibrin” which absorbs water and makes flowers open.

Finally, they worked on the magnetic force by using magnets and metal objects. They could observe the attraction force between the magnets.

It was a very interesting experience! Thank you for your collaboration!


Investigations in 2nd primary

In 2nd primary we are learning about ancient Egypt. Thanks to the investigations in our cooperative groups, authentic materials brought in by the students’ families, plus a visit to the Egyptian museum we have been able to learn and enjoy studying this mysterious civilisation. We have enjoyed explaining and sharing what we have learnt.



Scientific magazine 5th

The final project for the 1st term for 5th primary has been centered around eagles and birds of prey. During the final days of the term the students were investigating and solving their curiosities on this theme. The result of all this work, from the organised groups in the project, is a scientific magazine focused in the study of this category of birds.



Parlem de qualitat?

Last Decembres, Meritxell Balcells, the school headmistress, took part in the seminar about innovation and quality in education, Parlem de qualitat? organized by Fundación Henry Dunant. Mr. Jos.e Antonio Marina, philosopher, or Dr. Joan Mateo, Secretary of Educative Politics and  President of Consell Superior d’Avaluació del Sistema Educatiu del Departament d’Educació, among others, also participated in the event.

The aim of the meeting was questioning whether, sometimes, below the umbrella of innovation, the quality in education is forgotten.

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Family-school “Storytyme”

Paulina Vargas, Max’s mum (from P4A) and writer, came to our school to tell the P4 children the story “Mila la sirena”.

After that, they did a workshop related to the feelings and emotions that had already appeared in the story and children had to make a picture to express something that made them feel special.

Then, they also participated in an art and craft activity making a beautiful picture all together: “the starfish”, the main character of the story.

We really appreciate her collaboration. It was a great experience.

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Santa Cecilia

Last week the P3, P4 and P5 children celebrated “Santa Cecilia” enjoying different musical activities.

-They felt the qualities of the sound through the corporal expression and musical auditions.

-They improvised, imitated rythms and followed the beat of a musical audition, with different percussion instruments.

-They worked on a musical audition and showed their feelings by doing an art activity.

On Wednesday afternoon they attended a concert performed by Dafne Tamburrino (2nd Batx) who played the piano and by Miss Helen who played traditional songs with the flute and the Spanish guitar. They observed string and wind instruments and they could also work on their musical voices and ears.

We loved participating in so many different musical activities!

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Rocks and minerals

Last week taking advantage of the fact that we were studying rocks and minerals in the subject social studies, some of the students of 5th primary B brought various rocks and minerals which they had in their own houses to school. They showed them to their classmates and all of the students studied the rocks and minerals properties (colour, brilliance, light fracturation etc). It was a fun activity and the students found it interesting and enjoyable.

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Excursion to the factory Cacaolat

On Tuesday the 21st November the students of 5th primary went on an excursion to the factory which makes “Cacaolet” (a chocolate milk drink) which is in Barcelona, the only one of its kind in Spain. In the establishment we were given a guided tour telling us the history of the place, about the process of extracting the cocoa and the making of the product. We also did some activities of discovery about the smell and texture of cocoa and we could enjoy seeing industrial production first hand. Also we enjoyed tasting the Cacaolet produced in the factory. The excursion was a good experience and it showed the students how an industrial process is made in to a final product.      

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