Greeting from Bishop O’Connell High School

Greetings from Bishop O’Connell High School in Arlington, Virginia!  As you may know, Bishop O’Connell has become Colegio SIL’s sister school in the U.S, and the experience has been phenomenal!  We are a co-ed catholic high school in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area founded in 1957. We are currently celebrating our sixtieth anniversary.

The exchange program between our two schools is now three years old. It took off when nine students from SIL came to Virginia the fall of 2014. This year, twelve O’Connell students and two teachers are traveling to Barcelona, and we could not be more excited.  Our group will arrive on Friday, October 6.  The students have been getting acquainted with their hosts and their families through social media. Like in past years, we know that new life-long friendships are being forged.

We would like to thank Ms. Balcells and everyone at Colegio SIL for having us.  A special thank you goes out to Ms. Yolanda Rubio for her hard work planning what will be a wonderful week filled with fun and culturally enriching activities.  We cannot wait to enjoy it all.  See you soon!

From left to right.

Front row: Ms Maria Rubio, Caroline, Ian, Sofía, Kim, Lauren, Lizbeth and Ms Yanine.

Back row: Nick, Christina, Jessica, Dina, Matthew and  Claireimagen

Car Free Day

The school has participated today in the action organized by Ajuntament de Barcelona, “Dia Sense Cotxes”, in the Mobility Week. We’ve played traditional games in the street, we have decorated it, named the trees that bring life t it… We have taken the place to cars and we have enjoyed it a lot. What a good experience!

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Teachers, students and families all enjoyed the first SIL festival last saturday. It was a day designed with an objective of happiness and fun for all the family. The morning was full of different activities and crafts in which anybody could participate. We all enjoyed the morning greatly.

We have already started preparing for the second festival which will be held at the end of May 2018.

We hope to see you all there.

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Schools taking conscience

Dear Families,

Last weekend in the Spanish Sports City the final of the educational project “Schools taking conscience” was held. For the last four months the students have been working on different themes related with healthy habits. We wish to congratulate all those who participated on the first position they achieved and the work they have done.