Alumni visit

By Raquel Novel and Sofia Serrano

Last February 23rd , our High School students received a very special visit: SIL School Alumni, university students now, came back to school to share their experiences on this new stage. They are studying different fields as ADE, engineering, languages, law, medicine, among others. What a better way to get first-hand information about a not so far future? The alumni talked about the great offer and the different choices there are. This activity may help student to make the right decision about their future. No doubt our students found the experience reassuring and encouraging.


Visita de antiguos alumnos

Por Raquel Novel y Sofía Soriano

El 23 de febrero, nuestros alumnos de Bachillerato recibieron una visita muy especial: los antiguos alumnos del Colegio SIL, ahora ya universitarios, volvieron al colegio para compartir sus experiencias sobre esta nueva etapa. Dichos universitarios estudian diferentes áreas de conocimiento, como ADE, ingeniería, lenguas, derecho, medicina, entre otras. ¿Qué mayor manera que obtener información de primera mano sobre el futuro, no tan lejano, que les espera? Los antiguos alumnos hablaron sobre la gran oferta y la diversidad de vías para escoger. Esto puede ayudar a los estudiantes a esclarecer idees y tomar una decisión sobre su futuro No hay duda de que los alumnos del colegio encontraron esta experiencia tranquilizadora y alentadora.

Visita d’antics alumnes

Per Raquel Novel i Sofia Soriano

El dia 23 de febrer, els nostres alumnes de Batxillerat van rebre una visita molt especial: els antics alumnes del Col·legi SIL, ara ja universitaris, van tornar a l’escola per a compartir les seves experiències sobre aquesta nova etapa. Els universitaris en qüestió estudien diferents àrees del coneixement, com ADE, enginyeria, llengües, dret, medicina, entre d’altres. Quina millor manera d’obtenir informació de primera mà sobre el futur, no tan llunyà, que els espera? Els antics alumnes van parlar de la gran oferta i diversitat de camins per triar. Això pot ajudar els estudiants a aclarir idees i prendre una decisió sobre el seu futur. No hi cap dubte que els alumnes de l’escola van trobar aquesta experiència tranquil·litzadora i encoratjadora.

Cangur 2018


Since 1996, the Mathematical Kangaroo test (also known as International Mathematical Kangaroo or Kangourou sans frontières), has been held in Catalonia. It is an international mathematical competition driven by the international association Le Kangourou sans Frontières and it is organized in over 70 countries around the world. Here, it is led by the Societat Catalana de Matemàtiques (SCM) with the will of encouraging and motivating a large majority of students.

This year it will be held on 15 March (always on the third Thursday of March) and our school will be one of the hosts, which means that students of other schools will come to ours in order to compete in this international test. The first edition in Catalonia was held in 1996 with 1,000 students and 100 schools, but this year over 100,000 catalans students have been enrolled.



Students from 5th primary schooling to 2nd baccalaureate can take part in it. This competition is an individual multiple choice test and the questions are based more on reasoning and ingenuity rather than specific mathematical knowledge. Students have to answer 20 or 30 close-ended questions (according to the course) and with three different difficulty levels.

Last year, 17 of our students were in the best 10% of Catalonia. A special mention should be given to Hao Zhou (he was a student of 3rd ESO), because he was in the best 0.1%.

Students in the best 10% of Catalonia Hao Zhou, in the best 0.1% of Catalonia



Good luck to all participants this year!


Museum of Mathematics

The students of 5th primary went on an excursion to Cornella. We visited the Museum of Mathematics in Catalonia (MMACA). This museum is in the park of Can Mercader.

We did two activities:

In a place inside the museum we enjoyed ourselves doing maths with our hands, and although it doesn’t look like it you can play with maths.

The other activity we did was construct Leonardo Da Vinci’s Dome. It seemed strange what we could make with some wooden sticks, it was like magic, when we had finshed building it everyone could go inside.

We very much enjoyed doing maths with our hands.

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