Excursion to Palautordera

On Monday 16th October the children of 6th Primary  went on an excursion to La Granja in Santa Maria de Palautodera. After breakfast and playing for a short while they started their activities, each group had three tasks of cohesion to complete, during these tasks they realised the importance of good communication, learning how to listen and how to transmit their ideas.

Although they weren’t always succesful on their first attempts they didn’t give in, and with the participation of everybody and helping one another they managed to succeed. When they had finished their activities it was lunch time and after eating they had a short time to play and investigate the forest.

It was a very full day and lots of fun.

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Excursion to Can Julià 3EP

On Wednesday the 11th of October, we went to the “Can Julià” masia and we did a cooking workshop. Although at the beginning we were a little bit scared because we don’t know how to cook some dishes, finally we got very excited as we see that the recipes were funny and delicious. The yogurts and the cupcakes were delightful! We are sure that in the future we can do them again at home.

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Car Free Day

The school has participated today in the action organized by Ajuntament de Barcelona, “Dia Sense Cotxes”, in the Mobility Week. We’ve played traditional games in the street, we have decorated it, named the trees that bring life t it… We have taken the place to cars and we have enjoyed it a lot. What a good experience!

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Teachers, students and families all enjoyed the first SIL festival last saturday. It was a day designed with an objective of happiness and fun for all the family. The morning was full of different activities and crafts in which anybody could participate. We all enjoyed the morning greatly.

We have already started preparing for the second festival which will be held at the end of May 2018.

We hope to see you all there.

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Schools taking conscience

Dear Families,

Last weekend in the Spanish Sports City the final of the educational project “Schools taking conscience” was held. For the last four months the students have been working on different themes related with healthy habits. We wish to congratulate all those who participated on the first position they achieved and the work they have done.



Neuroscience workshops at ICAIME are back

1On April 19th, we went to the ICAIME day care center to present our workshop about cognitive stimulation of Alzheimer illness. Our workshop consisted on presenting to the people affected by this illness our three activities with the purpose of slowing the development of Alzheimer. Living this experience has been very rewording to us.

Parliament of Catalonia.

5th Primary started the new term after the Easter holidays with a visit to the Parliament of Catalonia which is housed within the Ciutadella Park of Barcelona.

The trip was interesting and clarified the function of this part of the government; the students were able to visit the main parliamentary room where all the sessions are held and later listen to the explanations from the various parties, the people who form these groups and their function, they could also have any questions or doubts answered. After they also visited the other rooms within the complex and enjoyed looking at its beautiful architecture.

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Visit of the Mr. Molina, pilot of Iberia. (Santiago Borque )


On Wednesday 5th April 2017 a commercial pilot came to speak with 6th Primary he explained what being a pilot involves and all about planes. The pilot, Pablo Molina, explained what he had to study to become a pilot and he told the students that he had to pass many exams before he started his career as a pilot, after his speech the students had the opportunity to ask questions of which Mr Pablo Molina was able to answer everything.


P5 experience with water and colours

The P5 children have experimented with different colour paints diluted in water.

First we mixed water and yellow paint together in a glass. We repeated the experiment  with  blue paint and  red paint. Then we rolled up different materials and we put their tips in each glass.

We have learned the meaning of the word “absorb” and we have discovered that when the colours are absorbed they get mixed in the process.

As a result, we have found out that by mixing red and yellow we can get orange and by mixing blue and yellow we can get green.

We have also discovered that depending on the material  (kitchen paper, cloth,  cotton, toilet paper) the process of absorption is different.

Throughout the day we have been observing the different changes.

How amazing it was!

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