The value of an experience

Ana and Marc are two of the students of 4th of ESO and 1st Bat who participated in Bishop O’Connell & SIL cultural exchange 2016. They have tried to explain with words the experience they lived and how they lived it. Their opinion reaffirms the importance of sharing culture and language and to see how both culture and language allow us to approach people and customs so different from ours. Thank you Marc and Ana for wanting to share it with us!

Thank you very much for share it, Marc and Ana!

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Bishop O’Connell cultural exchange

Last Saturday the group of teachers and students who took part in the cultural exchange programme with Bishop O’Connell HS in Arlington, Virginia, USA arrived. This has been the third edition of the programme and it has also been a success. Both, teachers and pupils, have returned delighted by the treatment they have received, the new friends they have made, the experiences in such a different environment they have lived…

We must thank the reception and welcome our teachers and pupils have been given. No doubt, this has been a great chance to learn from cultural immersion and making the language become a cultural approach bridge.

Thank a lot Bishop O’Connell!!

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Workshops at ICAIME

Students in second of ESO have begun offering their memory stimulation workshops to seniors at the ICAIME Daycare Center.   The students have been working on this project in their advisory classes (tutoría) since the beginning of the school year, and now, the time has come to implement their hard work.  Participants at the senior center welcomed our students with enthusiasm.

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Bishop O’Connel & SIL Intercambio cultural 16-17

Bishop O’Connell and SIL are about to meet and share lots of amazing experiences again. This time our schools will represent us among students and families in Arlington, Virginia. Our teachers here and the American staff there are also very excited and eager to start a memorable week. Good flight and enjoy your stay!!!

Students of SIL School in the Programa Investiga I+D+i

The five students of 4th year that presented their projects to the Congress  Phase for researchers promoted by the San Patricio Foundation in Madrid, have been selected from more than 3,000 candidates in different lines of research:


  • Health Line: Francisco Luis Muñoz Garcia
  • Power Line: Albert Pérez Gallardo
  • Communication technologies and information Line: Xu Yinlena
  • Nanotechnology and new materials Line: Marco Larrosa Durà
  • Biotechnology Line: Anna Solé Papell

  The program Investiga I+D +i (promoted by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness CSIC, Santander Universities and Endesa) main objective is to promote a taste for research in young students from all over Spain, in order to exchange experiences , knowledge and scientific concerns.


The school representatives will attend the conference to be held in Madrid over the weekend from 20th to 22nd May accompanied by Mr. Lazaro, Head of the Department of Sciences and promoter of this experience. It’s a great opportunity to interact with peers from other communities and to develop their interest in innovation, research and research work.


Congratulations to the students and teachers team that made it happen: Mr. Lazaro, Mr. Peig Mr. De La Vega, Mr. Navarro and Mr. Julià.

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“Cifras y Letras” Grand Final

Yesterday, students from Primary 6th and 1st ESO participated in the Grand Final Competition Cifras y Letras  SIL 2016. After several months overtaking different phases in the Catalan, Spanish , English and mathematics classes , the winners of each group met in the final. The audience could also participate and, after a hard-fought end, the group formed by Ariadna Naranjo of 1 ESO B, Marc Bestué of 1 ESO A, Marc Miquel  6A and Gerard Domínguez  6B were winners .

Congratulations to all the finalists, to teachers who have been helping them to reach the final, and to the public for their attitude. Congratulations to them all!

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The Furniture Project

Is it possible to design furniture without screws?  Would they be tough enough?

In our furniture Project we are studying and working the different types of efforts and structures , we are testing the strength of materials and structures found in nature ; Did you know that a piece of paper DINA4 can support the weight of a 65cm tall stool without wrinkling ?

These days we are in a process of designing different items of furniture from not bolted assembled flat structures.

More information coming!






“Caps’s Solidarity Campaign”

We have started the caps’s solidarity campaign for this year. All students of Primary and Secundary courses participate in the campaign “Open your solidarity”, which is conducted in collaboration with the GAEM (Group Affected Multiple Sclerosis Foundation).

For this reason you can find containers for the collection of caps in different parts of the school.

Thank you all for your solidarity.

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