Last Tuesday 25th we celebrated the Math Storytelling Day.  Secondary pupils came to P4 classes to tell a story about a square who wanted to become a circle.

The 4 year-old children enjoyed the story a lot and they also learned different mathematic concepts like visual perception, geometry, numbering and logical thinking.

After that, they could see, in small groups, the movement of the circle and the square experimenting with wooden shapes.

They loved learning math in a different way!  Thank you mates for explaining such an interesting story!


The scientist Quimet and his helpers

This week, Quimet, the scientist, and his helpers have come to visit us!

On Tuesday they challenged us. We had to think, make hypothesis, comparisons and find solutions.

The P3 children made a “lava lamp” of different colors.

The P4 pupils worked on flotation and water density making an egg float. They also observed the light refraction on the water with different materials.

The P5 students observed what happened with the Newton’s color disk.

It was a great experience. We learned a lot from them. Thank you for the visit!

Art exhibition

We, the Kindergarten students, have made an art exhibition with all the paintings done throughout the year.

The Primary 1 and 2 children have visited it. Two children from each class (P3-P4-P5) have led them with their teacher’s help. They have talked about the painters, the paintings exposed, the techniques and the material used.

It has been a very interesting experience and we have enjoyed sharing our creations with our Primary classmates!!

The dissection

Last week we did a heart dissection of a pig in the lab .Dr Lázaro and some students of 3ESO were the monitors who helped us to do the dissection. 

We learned about Vena Cava, valves, Atrium and Aorta, the body´s largest artery in our body.

We used scalpels  to dissect the heart . Some of them were even  bleeding!!

It was  really interesting  and we had fun while learning so we want to thank Dr Lázaro and the students for that fantastic experience together!


Project about inventions

The students of 5th primary have been working on a project about inventions. They have been doing a lot of investigation and discovered some very interesting things.

To conclude this week they have made one of the inventions, one which helps with our personal hygiene, soap. To make this they first liquidised some pure glycerine, then mixed this with food colouring and added strawberry perfume to give it a sweet aroma. Then with this base each student gave it their personal decoration with glitter and other small decorations to make the soap look attractive. Good fun was had by all.   



Quimet scientist have come to visit us again!

This week Quimet the scientist has come to visit us once again!

First, he challenged us. We had to think, make hypothesis and comparisons.

The P3 children worked on dissolutions. They mixed water with different elements and observed what happened in each case.

The P4 pupils experimented with the “chromatography” and discovered the great variety of pigments that form the colours.

In P5 we worked on the paper level of absorption with watered paint. We could observe that mixing primary colours we can get many different secondary colours.

We had so much fun!