The scientist Quimet and his helpers

This week Quimet the scientist and his helpers have come to visit us!

First, they challenged us. We had to think, make hypothesis, comparisons and find solutions.

The P3 children worked on flotation and discovered that some objects float in the water and other sink depending on the material they are made of and its weigh.

The P4 pupils worked on the different qualities of hot and cold air. First, they took one empty bottle and they covered it with a balloon on the top. Then, they observed what happened to the balloon when they put the bottle in two different bowls: one full of cold water and the other full of hot water.

The P5 kids worked on propulsion of different objects using different shaped and  sized  balloons.

It was a great experience. We learned a lot from them. Thank you for your visit.

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2n Concurs frases fetes.

Les frases fetes, els refranys i les locucions són elements lingüístics que formen part de la llengua i que eren molt vius en els parlars dels nostres avis, però que avui en dia es van perdent entre el jovent. La nostra escola, amb l’objectiu de no deixar perdre aquesta riquesa lèxica que ens han deixat els nostres avantpassats, proposa de nou un concurs de frases fetes per difondre-les de forma lúdica entre els nostres alumnes. Cada mes es publicarà a Mysilbox un formulari amb una frase feta. Els nois i les noies només cal que seleccionin la resposta correcta, facin una fotografia original que  il·lustri la frase feta i la pengin al formulari. Cada mes, la imatge més original, decorarà la nostra escola.

Chestnut in Infantil and Primary

The children of infant and primary education have celebrated the festival of “Castañada”. Maria Castañera came to visit to give the children roasted chestnuts. In the afternoon the smaller children celebrated Halloween with their English teachers, reciting poetry, singing and dancing in their Halloween masks that they had made. The primary course had different activities and games to enjoy. Everyone enjoyed the festivals and traditions  eating roasted chestnuts, “panellets” (a small cake made with ground almonds and pine nuts) and sweet potatoes. 

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1st Prize. – Fundación Geriatros – SARquavitae

Last year 2 ESO students have won the 1st Prize awarded by the SARquavitae Foundation: “The Geriatros Foundation Awards – SARquavitae awarded with the aim of recognizing the social commitment of individuals and institutions that contributes to better the quality of life of the elderly and Make the world a major place ” ( 

The 2015-16 course, on the initiative of the 2ESO tutor, Mrs. Rubio, started a collaboration program between the school and the Icaime day care centre that treats patients with Alzheimer’s in its initial phase.Dr. Navas, Director of Icaime, gave a lecture to students about Alzheimer’s disease, the needs of those affected and how to treat them. Next, the project was started, which was to prepare activities of cognitive stimulation, which would be carried out in the day centre itself in the workshop hours with the participation of the users of the centre.

It is worth mentioning the work of the 2nd ESO tutors, Mrs. Rubio and D. De La Vega, who accompanied the class work and the start-up of the on-site workshop. On 21st November they will go to Madrid to collect the prize.


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Excursion to Can Foix.

The children of second primary went on a type of obstacle course for their senses.In the morning smelling different aromatic plants, tasting Autumn fruits, listening to the sounds of nature, touching various textures and of course observing their surroundings.In the afternoon with everything they had been shown and collected they made “The Chest of Senses”. 

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SIL at the Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona!

Our school has been one of the 6 schools chosen from all over Catalunya for the first educational experience within the Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona! We are so very glad and proud, therefore our students already work on the first phase: Design Competition.

Here some more words!

Smart City EDucational Xperience has been specifically designed for encouraging the Young generation thinking, designing and making the world they want to live in as well as belonging to a society built by themselves within Smart City Expo World Congress 2017. SCEDX is a multifaceted, non-formal, and a blended learning educational experience where several projects and activities will be developed by 36 students from 6 different high schools, working together through a co-creation methodology; a sequence of activities which have been designed for being developed through co-creation and collaboration by students of different schools, where the competential aim is to help them identifying their strengths and minimizing their fears, always through collaboration and cocreation, inspiring each other and optimizing the summatory of their individual abilities. They will do that through a competition of industrial design, a smart hackaton for designing a smart urban superisle, and the creation and edition of a collaborative documentary of the whole experience made by themselves.

Mr. Miquel Navarro

Technology Teacher