Art exhibition

We, the Kindergarten students, have made an art exhibition with all the paintings done  throughout the year.

The Primary 1 and 2 children have visited it. Two children from each class (P3-P4-P5) have led them with their teacher’s help. They have talked about the painters, the paintings exposed, the techniques and the material used.

It has been a very interesting experience and we have enjoyed sharing our creations with our Primary classmates!!


P5 experience with water and colours

The P5 children have experimented with different colour paints diluted in water.

First we mixed water and yellow paint together in a glass. We repeated the experiment  with  blue paint and  red paint. Then we rolled up different materials and we put their tips in each glass.

We have learned the meaning of the word “absorb” and we have discovered that when the colours are absorbed they get mixed in the process.

As a result, we have found out that by mixing red and yellow we can get orange and by mixing blue and yellow we can get green.

We have also discovered that depending on the material  (kitchen paper, cloth,  cotton, toilet paper) the process of absorption is different.

Throughout the day we have been observing the different changes.

How amazing it was!

IMG_6840 IMG_6824 IMG_6805 IMG_6785

Training Course “Tot Sona” by Dàmaris Gelabert in Nursery School.

Through the month of February and March, the nursery children and teachers have been attending and enjoying a musical stimulation course.The musical language plays a fundamental role in Early Childhood Education. From birth, music is a natural part of everyday experiences and has been shown to have vast benefits to a child’s development.Through music, children achieve their artistic capacities, it improves their memory, their concentration, their sensitive and body language.For this reason, music language plays a fundamental role in Early Childhood Education and why it’s vital for teachers to teach children the ability to learn “to listen”.In the school we carry out a pedagogy allowing children to practice their active hearing so that they become aware of different sounds, such as external and corporal sound and even. Listening is fundamental, a correct acquisition of music is impossible if a training of auditory sensoriality is not performed from an early age.

Musical language includes a global experience as it allows to work in a playful way different contents in different languages.



?????????? ?????????? ?????????? BeautyPlus_20170119105949_saveThe P4 children went to the Chocolate Museum. There, they met “Xispeta” of cocoa, an elf coming from Madagascar who explained them where chocolate comes from through the observation of the cocoa tree, manipulating the cocoa fruit, learning about the ingredients and species used for the chocolate elaboration and also learning about the manufacturing process nowadays and in the past. The saw all the chocolate figures and finally, they made one by themselves, the painted with a pastry bag and they tasted some chocolate as well. It was yummy!

Kindergarten is working robotics with Bee Bot.

IMG_5704 IMG_5708 IMG_5706 IMG_5700This term the students of P3, P4 and P5 have started in to robotics.
BEE BOT is a small bee robot that must follow our instructions with commands (forward, backward, rotate …) and must be correctly sequenced through the pushing of buttons to get a destination marked as aim.
It is a fantastic resource to work in an interdisciplinary way favoring meaningful learning based on the game.

Conversation Assistants 2016-17

img_20161201_092618 ac2 ac1We would like to introduce Aiden Myer and Erika Wilson, the Conversation Assistants for this school year. Their task is a very important one, and a great experience for themselves as well as for students and host families. They can explain it really well:
“My experience as a conversation assistant has been truly amazing so far. This is my third week in Barcelona and I am enjoying every moment. My host family is lovely and kind. They have made me feel at home. It is such an authentic experience living within a Spanish family.
The school is amazing and filled with colours. The teachers are welcoming and always there if I need any help.
Working with children is the highlight of my week. They are always so excited to learn English and it is making this experience incredible. “
Erika Wilson
“My name is Aidan Myer and I am a 22 year-old American from Columbia, South Carolina. I arrived in Barcelona almost 2 months ago and from the moment I landed down in El Prat practically everything has gone perfectly. The teachers and staff at SIL have been extremely kind and friendly, the students have been remarkably polite and engaging, my host parents and brother have made me feel like a part of their family and CAPS as an organization has been helpful with any question I have had without being overbearing. As an added bonus, Barcelona is an incredible city with beautiful architecture, impressive nightlife, delicious food and an eclectic culture that is accommodating to all. “
Aiden Myer

Shall we eduacte? Or shall we give up?

0001Next Tuesday November 29th at 17:30 a conference will be held by Ester Dorado (Gestalt Play and Pre-school educator) and Jordi Reche (Trainer and business coach). It is addressed to 2-8 year olds’ parents so we become consious of the importance of limits at early ages.

We would really like  you came to share your doubts and experiences.

In P5 are working the organs of the body

The P5 Children have started a very interesting new project: we are discovering how our body is inside. The organs, the bones, the articulations, the senses, … We are learning plenty of new things. With the information that they bring from home and all the things that they are working at school, they are learning a lot of new concepts.

The project based learning is very challenging and stimulating at this age, it encourages cooperative work and the participation of students in their own learning. They have to search for information, think, do research, organize, and later, they have to share their ideas with their classmates, so they also practice oral expression.

sentits-3 sentits-2