1st Primary visit the museum of History of Catalonia.

This morning the students of 1st Primary have visited the museum of History of Catalonia.
We have made a journey in time discovering the evolution of the modes of transport. We have sailed, we have ridden and we’ve even driven a hundred-year-old tram!

It’s been a most exciting morning!

The scientist Quimet and his helpers

This week Quimet the scientist and his helpers have come to visit us!

First, they challenged us.  We had to think, make hypothesis, comparisons and find solutions.

The P3 children worked on flotation and discovered that some objects float in the water and other sink depending on the material they are made of and its weigh.

The P4 pupils worked on the different qualities of hot and cold air. First, they took one empty bottle and they covered it with a balloon on the top. Then, they observed what happened to the balloon when they put the bottle in two different bowls: one full of cold water and the other full of hot water.

The P5 kids worked on propulsion of different objects using different shaped  and  sized  balloons.

It was a great experience. We learned a lot from them. Thank you for your visit.

” La castañera ” & Halloween

Throughout the day, the students of the school have celebrated Halloween, with the scary tunnel of terror and performances of students of l’ESO, and they have been visited by Herminia, the sister of Maria Castañera. She brought us roasted chestnuts to taste and we had a fun time. Today it has been very special and fun, working and investigating the traditions of different cultures we have also learnt interesting things.  


Learning & service

Last week 3rd of  ESO pupils came to the P5 classes to show the toys they had been making with recycled containers.

In small groups they explained to us how they made the toys and the materials they used. They also talked about how an idea can become a real object.

The secondary pupils felt very satisfied watching the little ones playing with the toys they had made before with lots of effort.  P5 children enjoyed a lot playing thanks to their older mates’ work.

Thank you for your collaboration!

Group cohesion 6 EP

The students of 6th primary went to ” La granja”.We did some activities of group cooperation an cohesion. The first activities were quite difficult, but the monitors helped us to understand by cooperating together we could achieve all the tasks we had been given. it was true, working together as a team we managed to build a den. and by collecting objects create a pathway which didn’t touch the ground. We all enjoyed being part of a group and we saw how we reciered help from our classmates when we needed it.