Teachers, students and families all enjoyed the first SIL festival last saturday. It was a day designed with an objective of happiness and fun for all the family. The morning was full of different activities and crafts in which anybody could participate. We all enjoyed the morning greatly.

We have already started preparing for the second festival which will be held at the end of May 2018.

We hope to see you all there.

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Concurs de frases fetes

Imatge concurs frases fetes (1)Aquest mes d’abril, el departament d’humanitats engega el Concurs de frases fetes en català amb la finalitat de difondre aquestes expressions d’ús habitual i significat figurat entre els més joves. El concurs, que tindrà una periodicitat mensual, va adreçat a tots els alumnes d’ESO i batxillerat, per això hi haurà tres nivells de dificultat segons el curs que s’estigui realitzant. Per participar-hi només cal que accediu a l’espai de llengües del web Mysilbox i ompliu el formulari que hi trobreu cada més. Al final de curs es valorarà l’alumne que més encerts hagi tingut.

SIL School presents “Healthy Avatars” to Yomo

Fotos_grups_cooperatius_Tecnica_La_luna_gener_2017 Foto Yomo_1_Edu_Hack (1) Activiats_Kahool_Healthy_Avatars_des2016On Wednesday, March 1, SIL School presented the project “Healthy Avatars” at Yomo (Youth Mobile Festival). The project is being developed with students from 2nd year of ESO and aims to promote healthy habits with four themes: food, rest, well-being and physical activity.

The project uses a methodology of inquiry and discovery in cooperative groups to attain the habits all young people need to lead a healthier life. Integrated in the project we have also deployed a basic training and the creation of products and experiences associated with the areas in which we work.

The design of the project originates in the framework of mSchools Edu_Hack, in which teachers of the School and teachers from other schools in a process of co-creation have participated. They met last February and collaborated with the objective of creating and developing materials and experience using digital technology in the classrooms in an innovative way.

Among the 15 final proposals validated by mSchools and the Department of Ensenyament, we have co-created, developed and implemented the “Healthy Avatars” project. We are currently in the pilot phase together with other educational centres in Barcelona.

National Phase of Model Parlament European – León

Sesion_Nacional Leon_NacionalThe students of 1st Baccalaureate of SIL School, Ildara Durán Tamaral, Marc Larrosa Durà and Stanislav Didkovskyi,  have successfully participated during the days 24, 25, 26 and 27 of February in León, representing their Autonomous Community together with other selected students from other schools in Catalonia and the rest of Spain.

There have been days of intense debate and negotiation to establish clauses and resolutions on various topics of interest within the framework of the Union. Some of themes discussed were: refugee crisis, discrimination against women in the labour market, irregular employment and business transparency in the EU or the arms market in the EU.

Congratulations to all students for reaching this stage and for the level of excellence and effort shown.

Participation in the “Maraton of TV3”

A group of 10 students from 2nd ESO B have designed and created a poster for the Maraton of TV3 (a charity fundraising programme); with this poster Colegio SIL will take part in the programme. Their creativity and talent has been evident and they have also been able to understand, if only a little, the symptoms caused by a cerebral ictus and medullar illnesses.
Congratulations to all the students who have taken part in this project.poster_marato_2016_ictus_2_col%c2%b7legi_sil poster_marato_2016_ictus_col%c2%b7legi_sil

Working with emotions 2nd ESO.

xerrada_emocions_2neso xerrada_emocions2_2neso xerrada_emocions3_2neso
The students of 2nd ESO have attended a speech about emotions which was given by the professionals of ITA Institution of Barcelona”.
In this speech, the students were able to work with six basic emotions and their relation with human agreement and the theory Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, pyramidal structure proposed by the psychologist Abraham Maslow in 1943.
The students worked with examples which are similar to their age and reality which can occur, the emotions that everyone expresses and how to detect them and how to understand and adapt to the world around them.

Conversation Assistants 2016-17

img_20161201_092618 ac2 ac1We would like to introduce Aiden Myer and Erika Wilson, the Conversation Assistants for this school year. Their task is a very important one, and a great experience for themselves as well as for students and host families. They can explain it really well:
“My experience as a conversation assistant has been truly amazing so far. This is my third week in Barcelona and I am enjoying every moment. My host family is lovely and kind. They have made me feel at home. It is such an authentic experience living within a Spanish family.
The school is amazing and filled with colours. The teachers are welcoming and always there if I need any help.
Working with children is the highlight of my week. They are always so excited to learn English and it is making this experience incredible. “
Erika Wilson
“My name is Aidan Myer and I am a 22 year-old American from Columbia, South Carolina. I arrived in Barcelona almost 2 months ago and from the moment I landed down in El Prat practically everything has gone perfectly. The teachers and staff at SIL have been extremely kind and friendly, the students have been remarkably polite and engaging, my host parents and brother have made me feel like a part of their family and CAPS as an organization has been helpful with any question I have had without being overbearing. As an added bonus, Barcelona is an incredible city with beautiful architecture, impressive nightlife, delicious food and an eclectic culture that is accommodating to all. “
Aiden Myer