My Favourite Book

In English we are doing “My Favourite Book” project. it consists on bringing your favourite book and tell your friends about it.

Some books are “Rumplestiltskin”, ” Dork Diary”, ” The Secret Cave” and ” Kika Crazy for Football”.

We like this project because we can improve our oral English and, at the same time, we can recommend our classmates about good books they can read.

Reading is fun!!

bookbookbook book

The Furniture Project

Is it possible to design furniture without screws?  Would they be tough enough?

In our furniture Project we are studying and working the different types of efforts and structures , we are testing the strength of materials and structures found in nature ; Did you know that a piece of paper DINA4 can support the weight of a 65cm tall stool without wrinkling ?

These days we are in a process of designing different items of furniture from not bolted assembled flat structures.

More information coming!






Our plants are growing.

In the Science class of 3rd grade we are studying nutrition in plants. A few weeks ago we planted some bean seeds and now they are growing. As shown in the pictures, it was easy for us to see the roots and the leaves of our plants. Remember that plants are living things and they make their own food using carbon dioxide, sunlight, water and mineral salts.

“Caps’s Solidarity Campaign”

We have started the caps’s solidarity campaign for this year. All students of Primary and Secundary courses participate in the campaign “Open your solidarity”, which is conducted in collaboration with the GAEM (Group Affected Multiple Sclerosis Foundation).

For this reason you can find containers for the collection of caps in different parts of the school.

Thank you all for your solidarity.

comunication caps 1

2nd ESO attends a talk on Diabetes and Obesity

As part of the La Marató de TV3 campaign’s outreach about Obesity and Diabetes this year, the students of 2nd ESO have attended a talk where they could learn more about aspects of these diseases and their effects in the daily people’s lives. Tania Alvarez (a nurse at Hospital Vall d’Hebron ) has explained the causes and consequences and she has stressed the importance of avoiding a sedentary lifestyle .




Learning how to learn.

The boys and girls in 3rd grade are learning different study techniques and we’re discovering that some of us like to express our knowledge through drawings, some others like to play the ask answer game and there are those, who are already into concept maps.

20151109_093340 20151109_091516 20151109_093139 20151109_093001 20151109_092605 20151109_092118We all share our experiences and we tell each other what techniques are better!

We have months ahead to learn them all.

‘The immune system and vaccines’

Dr. Javier Vega , researcher at the Institute of Biomedical Research of Barcelona Agustí Pi Sunyer ( IDISAPS -UB ) , talked with the students of 3rd and 4th of ESO and the Baccalaureate , on ‘ The immune system and vaccines ‘ as part of the Science Week . His explanations and the subsequent discussion made ​​us see the “power” of vaccines and their importance from the point of view of a scientist who has spent many years researching the subject. Thank you, Dr. Vega !

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