Next October 9th a group of students from Bishop O’Connell High School, Virgina (USA) is arriving in Barcelona. This group is a part of an exchange programme which involves SIL. Last school year, 9 students from our school went to Virginia and took part of their school routine, they visited New York and they enjoyed the experience of knowing different cultures from getting involved in families. Here you are a video which has the intention to show what they lived. We really want to welcome the American visitors!

Video O’Oconnell High School


From October on you can start participating in the Mathematical Reasoning contest . Remember: it consists of not only giving a solution, but also explaining the reasoning you have followed to reach it .Cheer up … and let’s think !

7th Mathematical Reasoning contest.pdf



For those families (1st Primary – 2nd Batxillerat), and, as we do every year, we are giving you the link to J.Nadal company. This link will permit families purchase next year’s books.
We remind you that books will be available at school from july 15th (if the command is done before July 13th). In other cases they will be available from September 1st.
Books and school supplies will be charged from October 2015 to January 2016.
We hope you find this purchasing system easy and useful.
Link: www.jnadal.cat (book reservation)
School code: 24

Education Evaluation

Avaluació Competències Bàsiques


Benvolgudes famílies,

Enguany, el alumnes de 4t de l’ESO i 6è de Primària, de l’escola, van realitzar la prova d’avaluació externa per comprovar el nivell d’assoliment de les competències bàsiques(1) en les àrees de català, castellà, matemàtica i anglès.

Els fem arribar un resum de  l’informe elaborat pel Departament d’Enseyament de la Generalitat on mostra els resultants obtinguts pel Centre.

Cal recordar que aquests resultats ,en cap moment, determinen el grau d’assoliment dels continguts establerts en el currículum a nivell individual.



La Direcció.

Avaluació Competències 6 E.P. PDF

Avaluació Competències 4 E.S.O. PDF

Google Education

We have currently introduced the services of Google Educational System. This enables parents, pupils and teachers to have an email account, so as to improve communication and the use of new technologies. We hope it becomes a useful tool for sharing pictures and videos of your children’s daily activities.

The picture galleries will be uploaded regularly and will remain in the website until the end of the school year.
All you have to do to enjoy this new service is follow the instructions given in the letter.


Dear parents, students, teachers, colleagues and people that visit us looking for a school for your children:
We are pleased to introduce our new website. We apologise for any errors that might be detected on this new launch phase. It has been designed with the intention to provide a useful tool for current school members -private member services-, as well as for those new visitors that expect to find in our ideology and institution, the ideal school deserved by their children.

We really appreciate your warm welcome and look forward to be with you, at your service,  for a long time.