Teresa Artuch Pérez de Ciriza and Joel Albert Tarragon Marriot 2nd Bachelorette students have been chosen to be explainers in CosmoCaixa.

explainers_2_oct_sil-1 explainers_1_oct_sil-1 explainers_1_oct_sil-1 explainers_1_oct_sil explainers_4_oct_silThey have started training and working in The Museum of Sciences as explainers.
The program Explainers hopes to improve the vocation in scientific technologies with communicative skills and the use of English for science in secondary education while explaining some of the experiments which are displayed in the museum CosmoCaixa.
This experience started through a program in the principal science museums in the United States of America and since 1969 has been the starring program in the San Francisco Exploratorium.
The students will spend two to three weeks training to become Explainers in CosmoCaixa, and for six weekends they will explain to the visitors in the museum the different experiments and concepts.
The students participation in this program strengthens their knowledge in the areas of science and technology, and the public visiting CosmoCaixa have the opportunity to enjoy scientific knowledge in a different way.
Already the students are putting in to practice what they have learned, with a high level, and without doubt enjoying the experience.

Sil School has participated in Codeweek.

codeweek_sil_0 codeweek_sil_2 codeweek_sil_1EU Code Week is a grass-roots movement that celebrates creating with code. The idea is to make programming more visible, to show the young, adults and elderly how to bring ideas to life with code, to demystify these skills and bring motivated people together to learn.
The SIL School has participated in the CodeWeek EU with two events.
Last year, 46 countries took part in EU Code Week with 7600 events.

The value of an experience

Ana and Marc are two of the students of 4th of ESO and 1st Bat who participated in Bishop O’Connell & SIL cultural exchange 2016. They have tried to explain with words the experience they lived and how they lived it. Their opinion reaffirms the importance of sharing culture and language and to see how both culture and language allow us to approach people and customs so different from ours. Thank you Marc and Ana for wanting to share it with us!

Thank you very much for share it, Marc and Ana!

ana-varas marc-larrosa

2016-10-08-photo-00000246 2016-10-07-photo-00000241 2016-10-17-photo-00000259

P5 have a reading companions

After the positive and the enthusiasm the students showed in this Project during the last school year,  we are having “Reading mates” in P5 and 5th grade in Primary again.

This activity promotes the interest and pleasure in reading, while allowing the students to interact with fellow students from different levels. The proposed activities are varied: through linguistic games and personalized reading moments, children develop active listening as well as an extension of their vocabulary while having a pleasant time.

We hope they enjoy it as much as last year.


Bishop O’Connell cultural exchange

Last Saturday the group of teachers and students who took part in the cultural exchange programme with Bishop O’Connell HS in Arlington, Virginia, USA arrived. This has been the third edition of the programme and it has also been a success. Both, teachers and pupils, have returned delighted by the treatment they have received, the new friends they have made, the experiences in such a different environment they have lived…

We must thank the reception and welcome our teachers and pupils have been given. No doubt, this has been a great chance to learn from cultural immersion and making the language become a cultural approach bridge.

Thank a lot Bishop O’Connell!!

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