P5 experience with water and colours

The P5 children have experimented with different colour paints diluted in water.

First we mixed water and yellow paint together in a glass. We repeated the experiment  with  blue paint and  red paint. Then we rolled up different materials and we put their tips in each glass.

We have learned the meaning of the word “absorb” and we have discovered that when the colours are absorbed they get mixed in the process.

As a result, we have found out that by mixing red and yellow we can get orange and by mixing blue and yellow we can get green.

We have also discovered that depending on the material  (kitchen paper, cloth,  cotton, toilet paper) the process of absorption is different.

Throughout the day we have been observing the different changes.

How amazing it was!

IMG_6840 IMG_6824 IMG_6805 IMG_6785

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