Training Course “Tot Sona” by Dàmaris Gelabert in Nursery School.

Through the month of February and March, the nursery children and teachers have been attending and enjoying a musical stimulation course.The musical language plays a fundamental role in Early Childhood Education. From birth, music is a natural part of everyday experiences and has been shown to have vast benefits to a child’s development.Through music, children achieve their artistic capacities, it improves their memory, their concentration, their sensitive and body language.For this reason, music language plays a fundamental role in Early Childhood Education and why it’s vital for teachers to teach children the ability to learn “to listen”.In the school we carry out a pedagogy allowing children to practice their active hearing so that they become aware of different sounds, such as external and corporal sound and even. Listening is fundamental, a correct acquisition of music is impossible if a training of auditory sensoriality is not performed from an early age.

Musical language includes a global experience as it allows to work in a playful way different contents in different languages.


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