Teresa Artuch Pérez de Ciriza and Joel Albert Tarragon Marriot 2nd Bachelorette students have been chosen to be explainers in CosmoCaixa.

explainers_2_oct_sil-1 explainers_1_oct_sil-1 explainers_1_oct_sil-1 explainers_1_oct_sil explainers_4_oct_silThey have started training and working in The Museum of Sciences as explainers.
The program Explainers hopes to improve the vocation in scientific technologies with communicative skills and the use of English for science in secondary education while explaining some of the experiments which are displayed in the museum CosmoCaixa.
This experience started through a program in the principal science museums in the United States of America and since 1969 has been the starring program in the San Francisco Exploratorium.
The students will spend two to three weeks training to become Explainers in CosmoCaixa, and for six weekends they will explain to the visitors in the museum the different experiments and concepts.
The students participation in this program strengthens their knowledge in the areas of science and technology, and the public visiting CosmoCaixa have the opportunity to enjoy scientific knowledge in a different way.
Already the students are putting in to practice what they have learned, with a high level, and without doubt enjoying the experience.

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