Students of SIL School in the Programa Investiga I+D+i

The five students of 4th year that presented their projects to the Congress  Phase for researchers promoted by the San Patricio Foundation in Madrid, have been selected from more than 3,000 candidates in different lines of research:


  • Health Line: Francisco Luis Muñoz Garcia
  • Power Line: Albert Pérez Gallardo
  • Communication technologies and information Line: Xu Yinlena
  • Nanotechnology and new materials Line: Marco Larrosa Durà
  • Biotechnology Line: Anna Solé Papell

  The program Investiga I+D +i (promoted by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness CSIC, Santander Universities and Endesa) main objective is to promote a taste for research in young students from all over Spain, in order to exchange experiences , knowledge and scientific concerns.


The school representatives will attend the conference to be held in Madrid over the weekend from 20th to 22nd May accompanied by Mr. Lazaro, Head of the Department of Sciences and promoter of this experience. It’s a great opportunity to interact with peers from other communities and to develop their interest in innovation, research and research work.


Congratulations to the students and teachers team that made it happen: Mr. Lazaro, Mr. Peig Mr. De La Vega, Mr. Navarro and Mr. Julià.

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