5th Primary visit the super computer ” Marenostrum”

The students of 5th primary visited the super computer “Marenostrum” , it is the most powerful computer in Spain, which is housed in the Polytechnic University in the Pedralbes neighbourhood. They were able to see various functions to understand how this great machine works, such as programming, simulation and classification of data.

They saw live this amazing piece of machinery and now understand how it works and how it serves us. 


2n Primary visit the Egyptian Museum

The students of 2nd Primary are doing a project on ancient Egypt and for this reason we have been to do a workshop of mummification and we visited the Egyptian Museum.  The mummies have impressed us a lot! 
It has been very interesting to know the mysteries of this ancient civilization and we have obtained more information to continue working on our project!

Raquel Novel has been selected to take part in the program “Bojos per la ciencia”

Our from 1st year of Bachillerato A student Raquel Novel, has been selected to participate in the “Bojos per la Ciència” program of the Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera, in the “Biomedical Research” line. This is a program of excellence that aims to stimulate scientific talent among high school students. In this course only 26 students from all over Catalonia will participate, selected after a demanding selection process. From January 2019 and for 5 months she will attend theoretical-practical sessions, given by researchers from the IRB (Institute of Research in Biomedicine) – University of Barcelona, with practical experiences in cutting-edge methodologies.

Congratulations to Raquel, we are sure that it will be a great experience and a training that will make a great profit.

1st Primary visit the museum of History of Catalonia.

This morning the students of 1st Primary have visited the museum of History of Catalonia.
We have made a journey in time discovering the evolution of the modes of transport. We have sailed, we have ridden and we’ve even driven a hundred-year-old tram!

It’s been a most exciting morning!

Group cohesion 6 EP

The students of 6th primary went to ” La granja”.We did some activities of group cooperation an cohesion. The first activities were quite difficult, but the monitors helped us to understand by cooperating together we could achieve all the tasks we had been given. it was true, working together as a team we managed to build a den. and by collecting objects create a pathway which didn’t touch the ground. We all enjoyed being part of a group and we saw how we reciered help from our classmates when we needed it.