Last Tuesday 25th we celebrated the Math Storytelling Day.  Secondary pupils came to P4 classes to tell a story about a square who wanted to become a circle.

The 4 year-old children enjoyed the story a lot and they also learned different mathematic concepts like visual perception, geometry, numbering and logical thinking.

After that, they could see, in small groups, the movement of the circle and the square experimenting with wooden shapes.

They loved learning math in a different way!  Thank you mates for explaining such an interesting story!



ana 7 ana 5 ana 6 ana 7Last week Vanesa Almagro, Caterina (P5) and Antonio’s (P3) mum came to our School to do different science activities related on physics and her job.

First of all they talked about Einstein, who he was, what he studied and what he discovered.

They made a wave machine with Cello tape and wooden ice-lolly sticks. Throughout this experiment children could understand and learn how the waves are created.

Then, they poured some water in a tray and put some drawn flowers with the petals closed inside. Little by little they observed that the petals started to open slowly because of the capillarity process. Vanessa explained to them that there is a substance in paper called “fibrin” which absorbs water and makes flowers open.

Finally, they worked on the magnetic force by using magnets and metal objects. They could observe the attraction force between the magnets.

It was a very interesting experience! Thank you for your collaboration!



Last week Nacho Santos’s parents (P5-A) came to our school to do different activities related to their jobs.

The P5 A and B children went to the Biology’s laboratory and Nacho’s mum taught us characteristics from different body human cells. We could also observe some cells with the microscope.

Nacho’s dad, who is a doctor, explained to us what his job is about. He brought his stethoscope and let us hear our heart beats.

It was an amazing experience!

Thank you Santos Semidey family for your collaboration!

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The scientist Quimet and his helpers

This week Quimet the scientist and his helpers have come to visit us!

First, they challenged us. We had to think, make hypothesis, comparisons and find solutions.

The P3 children worked on flotation and discovered that some objects float in the water and other sink depending on the material they are made of and its weigh.

The P4 pupils worked on the different qualities of hot and cold air. First, they took one empty bottle and they covered it with a balloon on the top. Then, they observed what happened to the balloon when they put the bottle in two different bowls: one full of cold water and the other full of hot water.

The P5 kids worked on propulsion of different objects using different shaped and  sized  balloons.

It was a great experience. We learned a lot from them. Thank you for your visit.

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Car Free Day

The school has participated today in the action organized by Ajuntament de Barcelona, “Dia Sense Cotxes”, in the Mobility Week. We’ve played traditional games in the street, we have decorated it, named the trees that bring life t it… We have taken the place to cars and we have enjoyed it a lot. What a good experience!

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Art exhibition

We, the Kindergarten students, have made an art exhibition with all the paintings done  throughout the year.

The Primary 1 and 2 children have visited it. Two children from each class (P3-P4-P5) have led them with their teacher’s help. They have talked about the painters, the paintings exposed, the techniques and the material used.

It has been a very interesting experience and we have enjoyed sharing our creations with our Primary classmates!!


P5 experience with water and colours

The P5 children have experimented with different colour paints diluted in water.

First we mixed water and yellow paint together in a glass. We repeated the experiment  with  blue paint and  red paint. Then we rolled up different materials and we put their tips in each glass.

We have learned the meaning of the word “absorb” and we have discovered that when the colours are absorbed they get mixed in the process.

As a result, we have found out that by mixing red and yellow we can get orange and by mixing blue and yellow we can get green.

We have also discovered that depending on the material  (kitchen paper, cloth,  cotton, toilet paper) the process of absorption is different.

Throughout the day we have been observing the different changes.

How amazing it was!

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