School’s garden visit

The school vegetable garden is fully operational! The Preschool children take care of the garden every week: planting the seeds, taking out dry leaves, watering the vegetables…

Last week the P3 and P4 children met their P2 and Primary 1st classmates in the garden. They showed and explained to them the different spices they had planted. They could also smell the aroma that all the aromatic plants give off and watered them altogether.

The Primary 2nd students collaborated with P5 children making labels for the different spices they had planted in the garden. Helping each other, they placed the labels in front of each plant. The P5 explained to them how they took care of the garden and they talked about the main characteristics of the plants.

Thank you for your collaboration!

5th visit the Museum of Mathematics

The students of 5th primary went on an excursion to Cornella. We visited the Museum of Mathematics in Catalonia (MMACA). This museum is in the park of Can Mercader.

We did two activities:

In a place inside the museum we enjoyed ourselves doing maths with our hands, and although it doesn’t look like it you can play with maths.

The other activity we did was construct Leonardo Da Vinci’s Dome. It seemed strange what we could make with some wooden sticks, it was like magic, when we had finshed building it everyone could go inside.

We very much enjoyed doing maths with our hands.

Quimet scientist have come to visit us again !

This week Quimet the scientist has come to visit us once again!

First, he challenged us. We had to think, make hypothesis and comparisons.

The P3 children worked on dissolutions. They mixed water with different elements and observed what happened in each case.

The P4 pupils participated in different fun experiments and they discovered the static electricity.

In P5 we worked on the paper level of absorption with watered paint. We could observe that mixing primary colours we can get many different secondary colours.

We had so much fun!

5th Primary visit the super computer ” Marenostrum”

The students of 5th primary visited the super computer “Marenostrum” , it is the most powerful computer in Spain, which is housed in the Polytechnic University in the Pedralbes neighbourhood. They were able to see various functions to understand how this great machine works, such as programming, simulation and classification of data.

They saw live this amazing piece of machinery and now understand how it works and how it serves us. 


2n Primary visit the Egyptian Museum

The students of 2nd Primary are doing a project on ancient Egypt and for this reason we have been to do a workshop of mummification and we visited the Egyptian Museum.  The mummies have impressed us a lot! 
It has been very interesting to know the mysteries of this ancient civilization and we have obtained more information to continue working on our project!


Pablo Castillo’s parents (P4A), Macarena and Joaquín,  came to our school to talk about the Solar System. We learnt a lot of things about the planets, the moon, the astronauts and  the space. After that, we participated in a rocket making workshop with coloured papers and we could even make it fly!

It was very interesting and we also had much fun. Thank you for your collaboration!

Raquel Novel has been selected to take part in the program “Bojos per la ciencia”

Our from 1st year of Bachillerato A student Raquel Novel, has been selected to participate in the “Bojos per la Ciència” program of the Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera, in the “Biomedical Research” line. This is a program of excellence that aims to stimulate scientific talent among high school students. In this course only 26 students from all over Catalonia will participate, selected after a demanding selection process. From January 2019 and for 5 months she will attend theoretical-practical sessions, given by researchers from the IRB (Institute of Research in Biomedicine) – University of Barcelona, with practical experiences in cutting-edge methodologies.

Congratulations to Raquel, we are sure that it will be a great experience and a training that will make a great profit.


Last week Paula and Alvaro’s parents (P3-A/P5-A) came to our school to do different activities related to their jobs.

Paula and Alvaro’s dad, who is a neurosurgeon in Vall Hebron Hospital, explained the brain parts and function to us. We enjoyed wearing a doctor uniform a lot.

Paula and Alvaro’s mum, who is a nurse, explained to us what her job is about. She brought her stethoscope and let us hear our heart beats.

It was an amazing experience!

Thanks to  Martínez-Jiménez  for your collaboration!